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Violent Video Games Should Be Banned To Minors

Students will debate the issue.

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I grew up playing violent video games, so you will probably think me a hypocrite for advocating banning. However, here's my argument...

Modern games are considerably more realistic than they were back when I was a kid. I believe this could potentially contribute to the blurring of fantasy and reality for an impressionable mind. Violent films were age restricted when I was young, and now that video games have caught up graphically, I believe the same principles should apply, for the exact same reasons.

I did still manage to see a few adult rated films when I was younger, usually by sneaking round to my friend's house, so I know it's inevitable that kids are going to circumvent age restrictions sometimes. The point is that these occasions are abnormal to the child. I don't believe there is much harm in playing violent games until you normalise them. When a child begins to easily emotionally detach from scenes of great violence being portrayed in front of them, then that is when I think the risks begin.

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See that "18+" yeah, that's a real thing.

Too much violence and killing in this world. I'm not a hypocrite, I grew up with a ton of my peers into CoD, Counter-Strike and Halo but I tell you something straight, while I appreciate martial arts-type fighting games the type that these shooter were was honestly just glorified slaughter of human beings...

I was not always a peaceful person and definitely was not always against these games but as I grew I realised, the rage hurts you even if you win the fight. Look at Nomenclature's other posts, he's been conditioned by these games to be an aggressive maniac and it's not his fault, it's called social conditioning.

18+ is 18+, first mature then you will understand it's just a game, not a way to live life.

I would personally ban games where there is anything close to realistic killing outright. They should just not exist plain and simple in my opinion. I don't mind if the word 'kill' or 'slay' is used in the game it's about visual depiction and desensitising people to what should evoke horror at the sight of.

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1) Of course it depends on what game and what age.

2) It depends on your definition of violence. Is duck hunting, stomping little animals, wreckless racing, etc, NOT violence?

3) Are you removing imaginative violence and then sending them outside to play dodge ball, hockey, shoot super soakers, slam their skateboards on the steps of the library, etc?

4) Are you just going to turn on the TV you yourself grew up on - with the roadrunner blowing up the coyote, Bugs Bunny dropping anvils on guys, Tom and Jerry trying to kill each other?

5) If you catch your kid playing a violent video game are you going to spank them?

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some parental guidance required.

Isn't deciding the maturity level of their child a major part of the job of parenting? I would hope they would know their children better than some government official.

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Yeah just let the 13 year old grow up on games of mass violence, brilliant adolescent brain development, just top-tier.

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EldonG(550) Disputed
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You'd rather lock them up? How could you ever possibly enforce such a ban?

Why are you so authoritarian?

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