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Violent, radical right wing extremists

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Where are those that you claim to exist ? Link it Little Gurl !!!!!!!

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What is going on here ?????????????

Liberal journalists bending over backwards to defend the violent, left-wing mobs now plaguing this nation fundamentally misunderstand how political protest works in this country.

In an op-ed masquerading as “news,” Washington Post political reporters inform us that Republican criticism of left-wing “mobs” is merely “fearmongering” designed to rile up “white voters, particularly men.”

The “angry mobs” that Republicans have been denouncing, they claim, are nothing more than high-minded activists engaging in the “freedom to assemble” because they’re “appalled” by GOP policies.

When Daily Beast columnist Matt Lewis condemned the mob of activists that drove Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and his wife out of a restaurant, angry CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin shot back, “Oh, you’re not going to use the mob word here.”

CNN’s Don Lemon also defended the incident: “It’s not mob behavior. It’s people who are upset and angry with the way the country is going.” He then made the astonishing claim that the Constitution permits Americans to protest “wherever you want.”

He’s wrong.

This shows how Fucked Up you are and unaware of the real situation !!!!!!!!!!

The right doesn't lay claim to Nazis, KKK and other fringe elements. Try as they might, as the Left does, to place them with conservatives, no one on the Right has anything to do with these miscreants.

The left, on the other hand, condones and sidles-up with racist/hate groups like ANTIFA, the anti-fascist fascists, BLM, the racist hate group and other ne'er do wells.... unapologetically, I might add.

excon(12712) Disputed
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The right doesn't lay claim to Nazis, KKK and other fringe elements.

Hello High:

It's true.. But, those fringe elements lay claim to the right..


HighFalutin(2833) Clarified
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Anyone can lay claim to anything, but that doesn't make it so. If I go to Mexico and fall in love with the people and country and proclaim, I am Mexican; does that mean I'm Mexican? Nope.

outlaw60(14897) Disputed
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Where are the fringe elements of the KKK there SUPER STUPID ??????

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No one lays claim to these people, period. The left does embrace Fascists like ANTIFA, for example. So, stop casting aspersions elsewhere and own it.

Bronto(2027) Disputed
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Dropped the ball again eh nom? There are far more klan and Hitlerian group connections to the left. It's not close.

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