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 Wales to now teach "LGBT Education To Kindergartners" (90)

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Wales to now teach "LGBT Education To Kindergartners"

In the English province of Wales "LGBT-inclusive" relationship and sex education will now be pushed on all students from kindergartners and up as part of their new curriculum to be rolled out April 2019.
The new curriculum stands in stark contrast to the school system's previous policy of banning the promotion of homosexuality in schools.

Gender education and LGBT education has increasingly become mandatory by law in Western nations.
Shows how Gender Confused the Left is !
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5 points

I think the inclusion of instruction on the range of deviant sex oreintation to such a young age group is more to do with the abnormal gender alignment of the curriculum planners attempting to poison the minds of this young vulnerable group in spite of having been entrusted with their physical safety and unbiased education.

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The range of deviancy of the Left is pure poison and using children shows how sick these people really are.

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You’re right Antrim and the bullshit reasoning they give is “ oh well we are all “inclusive “ here “ , every tv show over here now has a lesbian , a homo , transsexual , cross dresser , or a combination of all just to appear to be so “ with it “ , it’s nearly a crime to be a heterosexual as the P C crowd and media worldwide new best buddies are all of the above

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every tv show over here now has a lesbian , a homo , transsexual , cross dresser , or a combination of all just to appear to be so “ with it “ , it’s nearly a crime to be a heterosexual

Sure, because including gay people is obviously the same thing as criminalising heterosexuality.

You are a...


mrcatsam(550) Disputed
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No, Antrim is incorrect.

What is the purpose of hiding such an important global social justice issue from children who are most likely going to learn about it and/or be involved in it in the future?

Would you want to scare young children from coming out of the closet and more than likely have them lead depressed lives with someone they don't love?

I believe that, if taught correctly, children can handle the truth. They are our future, and we might as well teach them to live and respect everyone for who they are rather than having them turn out as some holier-than-thou arse like Dermot or Antrim.

5 points

The whole world is gone barking fucking mad , are kids not allowed to be kids anymore and allowed enjoy their childhood ?

5 points

Very well stated and correctly stated Dermot. Using children as pawns in a political game is just sicking

5 points

Thanks Outlaw , I wonder If any of the parents are doing anything about it or do they all just keep their mouths shut so as not to cause any offence ; all this bullshit takes hold because decent people are terrified to speak their minds in case the bullying P C brigade savage them

mrcatsam(550) Clarified
1 point

Yes, it's totally "sicking". I'm so "sickinged" by everything you're saying=)

Mint_tea(3985) Clarified
2 points

I'm all for older kids being taught LGBT among everything else but kindergarten??? You're right, why can't the kids just be kids? They don't care about that stuff, they should be running and playing and just being kids!

4 points

Their warped reality is so unpalatable to adults the only way to further their message is to go after the kids.

This is grooming children for the gay pervs since they like getting them young.

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Their warped reality is so unpalatable to adults

Lol. So in your (non-warped) reality LGBT people don't exist and/or don't need sex education?

You aren't describing "adults". You are describing homophobes. The problem with people like you is that you try to warp language around your own bigotry to make it seem more rational.

outlaw60(14557) Disputed
5 points

In your warped world you are not describing adults but pushing your gender confused world on children and know this it shows how warped you are.

SchnitzelDra(1) Disputed
1 point

Since the LGBTIQA+ etc. group consists of a very small population, implementing this form of education would be similar to replacing traditional content of human anatomy to account for all the disabilities that exist. In an education curriculum, it is pointless so therefore we generalise based on what most people are.

Besides, this kind of ideology is definitely not for kids, especially due to their inability to actually critique ideologies as a result from the lack of life experience. Their world is they know it only revolves around themselves. It's only until they become teenagers that they have at least a hint of an idea as to how the world is like. It's only until they leave high school that they are truly exposed to the world.

Another problem I have in teaching these sorts of things is that it is a twist on what we all understand, everyone is unique in their own way. These kinds of doctrines (radical left identity politics), attempt to categorise everyone based on sex, gender, and race. Based on the idea of everyone being unique, it's possible to categorise more people into more categories, such as height, attractiveness, eye colour etc. It is an endless list.

Therefore, why on earth should we make more things complicated to the point where we create a generation of children who have no idea who they are and therefore create a nihilistic society?

3 points

So children who are of an age where they have difficulty picking what socks to wear any given day are being indoctrinated with this nonsense.

>Be Europoor

>Need something to do

>Have no siblings since procreating whites is racist

>Have no videogames, since they are sexist and violent

>Leave house to do something

>Go to local store to buy some smokes

>Pack of smokes cost $20

>Get raped by Muslim gang

>Report it to police

>Tell them a group of Muslim men raped me

>They tell me Islam isn't a race, and I shouldn't assume my attackers religious identity

>I clarify and identify the men as Arab or Pakistani

>Police horrified at my racism

>Tell me they can't search for a suspect based on race

>I tell them I punched one of them, so they should look for someone with a black eye instead

>Get arrested immediately, since punching Muslims is hate crime

>Go to Europoor prison, which is basically a holiday inn

>Get probation 2 weeks later, but have to attend tolerance classes

>Go to tolerance class

>There are a few dozen people in the class, one of them is obvious gay

>Get an idea

>Call the gay kid a fag

>Teacher immediately demands me to explain why I used such a hateful word

>Tell her I converted to Islam in prison, and that she was offending my religion by not allowing me to behead the gay guy

>She terns red and apologizes

>Gay guy says, that I am being intolerant of his sexuality

>I tell him he's being intolerant of my religion

>Teacher starts shaking and turns bright red

>Her head explodes

>blood and brain matter splatters all over classroom

>News spreads to whole EU

>Heads explode everywhere

>Civilization collapses



It looks like an amazing step towards having a generation that's not judgemental.

1 point

This world is going downhill fast, they are trying to make things that aren't normal, normal to even our future generations!

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I would love to know why you think Wales is a province of England and also explain how it can be taught in kindergartens when there are no kindergartens in the UK. Can you do that Hellno?

2 points

Are 5 year old's in the 1st grade in the UK ?

Check with wikipedia and could be you can get their mind's right

How is it possible that you don't know when to use an apostrophe?

It is ironic that you talk about 5 year olds disdainfully, while at the same time most of them could beat you in a grammar test.

outlaw60(14557) Disputed
1 point

Check with wikipedia and could be you can get their mind's right ROTFFLMMFAO

outlaw60(14557) Disputed
1 point

Are you saying the Leftist at Wikipedia are lying there Leftist ? Step up and show you are confused.

outlaw60(14557) Disputed
1 point

Are u not from Spain ? Where it rains mostly on the plains LMMFAO

outlaw60(14557) Disputed
1 point

Did your therapist tell you Wales was not part of the UK ????

Atrag(5448) Disputed
1 point

Hellno - It isnt part of England. It is part of the UK.