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Was Bush Jr. better or worse than what you predict Trump will be?


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Well let's see... He didn't commit treason, use his office to profit his businesses, try to destroy or disband virtually every government institution, or "tweet" from the toilet.

Hey look, I'm really not a liberal (though you guys label me that way), but I know many loud and proud liberals (and conservatives, too), and the loud and proud liberals have more than once commented to me that they can't believe how wonderfully normal and ordinary the Republicans from past seem to them now that they've seen the Trump Administration. Quite seriously, if the Republican Party would just split and form a branch called something like "Classical Republican" which includes people like Bush and Romney and such then that party would score massive votes from moderates and even the liberals.

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Bush was a globalist RINO elite, and a rabid ass clown.*

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If you would go into more detail this could become an interesting heated debate where right wingers can vs each other.

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EldonG(550) Disputed
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Agreed, and still better than a pathological liar with ties to the most corrupt mobster running a country in the whole world.

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Cuaroc(8822) Clarified
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Is that what you're gonna call Trump if his Presidency implodes?

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No because he doesn't support globalist ideas like NAFTA and TPP, and a "one world order" (a term used by every President since Reagan). Bush did support globalist ideas, so? He's a globalist...

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