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 Was the Baltimore McDonalds beating a hate crime? (9)

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Was the Baltimore McDonalds beating a hate crime?

A white patron was jumped by 2 black females in a McDonalds in Baltimore.  The 2 females continued to beat this woman  while black male employees stayed behind the counter and did nothing.  1 black male tried to keep the black females away while another employee filmed the whole beating. One lady a older white lady tried to come to her defense but was unable to help.   At the end of the beating where she was repeatedly kicked in the head  and dragged thru the restaraunt by her hair and punched over and over the white victim has a seizure.  Then the black male employees are heard telling the 2 black girls to run the police are on the way and he repeats it a couple of times.   You will also hear the white victim before she is beaten for the second time ask where her phone is and you can clearly see a black man in a mcdonalds uniform grab the phone off the floor but he never speaks up about it. 

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I can not say what the fight started over but nobody with black skin seemed to really give a crap about the white victim. 1 black male tried to keep her from getting beat and kicked but never forcibly tried to keep the girls from attacking her. No McDonalds employee is seen caring for her while she is having a seizure. This was pure and smiple a hate crime and not only should the girls that did the beating pay for this so should the employees that sat back an enjoyed the fight instead of helping a fellow human being.

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Without more information, it would be hard to determine that this was a hate crime due to race. I find it hard to believe that the employees allowed that to happen. What kind of person, especially a man, can stand and watch a woman being beaten? Then to top it all off, they warn the assailants that the police are on the way so they can get away!

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sometimes is it better to warn the assailants that the police is coming. I saw the video on youtube (just youtube "baltimore mcdonalds") and it look like nobody even cared. An old lady intervened and i respect her for that and one of the employees. But that employee seemed like he did not care to the fullest and he did not protect her fully. So depending on the situation, it was better to get those satanic women out of there.

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It is quite silly to say that is it unless you speak to the two black woman, the black employee, and the white girl and whoever knows more about the situation. But should we really care if it is a hate crime. Besides, how can you really tell if it is a hate crime? If the two black woman say that it was a hate crime, they could be lieing. It is really hard to detect the truth. But what we do know (and this the most important part of the crime) that two black women beat up on a innocent white woman. And the black employee should be charged for stealing her phone. That is the most important part of this investigation in my opinion.

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If this was reversed and all the employees and the people doing the assault were all white this would be a hate crime not just an assault.

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Not enough information to know for sure but it sure as hell does sound pretty fucked up.

Obviously someone has to have a lot of hatred against someone to do something like that. And the McDonald's employee who did nothing should be considered an accessory since he didn't even try to help.

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Was the Baltimore McDonalds beating a hate crime?

How do you know it's because of her race? How do you know what happened before?

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I do not know that it was because of race. I am simply under the impression because the girl being beat up is white and the only person seen truly trying to help her is white. The rest of the people in the video were all black and most were employees watching and filming.