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Watch Ben Shapiro Get Owned By Piers Morgan

I hate this kid so much. He's like an even slimier version of Milo. Pier outwits him and he falls straight back into typically generic Republican bullshit like, "Why do you hate America, Piers?" 

Congratulations to Piers for having the self-control not to punch him in his annoying little face. Perhaps Piers was imagining the inevitable wave of abuse the next day from Republicans feigning outrage over his "anti-Semitic" attack.

Either way, Piers put him firmly in his place and then simply stopped listening to him. I like his style. That's all you can really do with idiots like Shapiro because they just keep talking.

As has been said before, Shapiro is the Jew who helped other Jews onto the train.


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Piers was obviously the triggered party and had to interrupt his conterpart repeatedly to avoid getting butthurt by 'hate speech'. 'You know what? Come off it.' LOL

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