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Watch Brontoraptor's Neo-Nazi Propaganda Get Elegantly Debunked

Everything else the author does in his article, however, is part of a cynical ploy to rewrite history by cherry-picking isolated facts and fitting them into a false context. The author claims that his thesis, that the Nazis were actually Leftists, is debatable, but compelling. It is actually neither. No actual historian or political scientist has gone on the record to claim that Nazis were Leftists. Accordingly, there is no citation given of any such person in the article because they don’t exist. This means that the author’s thesis is not actually debatable. It is settled history. I am not personally an academic specialist in the Nazi party, but I am an amateur historian with two history degrees who has read and thought much about World War Two over the course of my life. A very quick bit of research has led me to conclude with a high degree of certainty that there is basically universal consensus by scholars that the Nazis occupied territory on the far-right of the political spectrum. The few skeptics to the “far-right-wing Nazi consensus” seem to place more emphasis on the sui generis nature of the Nazi political beast by charaterizing it as neither right nor left, but a unique populist syncretic movement. Even such a rare opinion does not go so far as to characterize the Nazis as unequivocal members of “the Left”. That is because it is by definition an absurd and offensive statement. That is like saying that Nazis were secretly communists because of a short-lived and cynical peace treaty with Josef Stalin (Actually, the author does make that ridiculous point in the article). There is no new history to be written on the main, big picture history of World War Two and the Nazi party. There is no hitherto secret knowledge or conspiracy that the author has just revealed despite decades of settled history determining what everyone knew at the time and until now: the Nazis were a far-right party—as far right as a party could conceivably be on the political spectrum. Everything else in the article is merely lies and propaganda (which are usually the same thing) to further his own right-wing views.

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Amarel, Jody and Brontoraptor stripped of all credibility with a single solitary paragraph. Good work brother. I tip my hat to the author.

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Amarel(4987) Clarified Banned
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You have argued by appealing to the authority of an amateur who appeals to authority. Good job.

Just a reminder, I never claimed the Nazis were on the left. I claimed they were socialists. I pointed to their socialistic government programs and rhetoric as evidence. Their government directed economy was certainly not capitalism. That’s not a controversial position given Fascism was commonly regarded as the “3rd way”. The philosophical thought leader of fascism, Gentile, drew his foundation and inspiration from some common philosophers that you would approve of, as would Stalin, Mao, and Kim Jong. They weren’t any of he enlightenment guys that the American right wing relies on.

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Hootie(737) Disputed
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You have argued by appealing to the authority of an amateur who appeals to authority.

LOL. So we should take your idiotic and absurd historical revisionism at face value because this guy is an amateur and you are a professional?

As regards your second "point" then that's even more hilarious. Who should he appeal to if not the relevant experts in the field of study? You are saying we should conclude the opposite based on the fact that EVERY HISTORICAL SCHOLAR AND POLITICAL SCIENTIST AGREES WITH HIM?

Ahahaha! Get out you fucking halfwit. You're just too stupid and dishonest to participate in anything even resembling a reasonable discussion.

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Jody(1356) Disputed Banned
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Hilarious your go to source is one laughable opinion piece by an idiot who actually sounds just like your type , I’ve stated quiet categorically in the past that Hitler was a socialist who famously stated “ that he just took socialism one step further unlike marxists who he claimed were mere pamphleteers “ .

Hitler , Mussolini and Mao gave Marx full credit so surely you feel some pride in that?

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Hootie(737) Disputed
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Hilarious your go to source is one laughable opinion piece by an idiot

The hilarious thing is that you think your opinion is worth more than his, and that HE is the idiot!!!


I’ve stated quiet categorically in the past that Hitler was a socialist

Yes, but you are a fucking retarded neo-Nazi simpleton who has no idea what he is talking about, and this is a graduate with two history degrees.

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