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 We are died billions of years ago!! (3)

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We are died billions of years ago!!

If you are a human what are you? Are you brain in head? Or center of brain? Or a cell living in brain? Or an atom located at center of brain?

If we are made of atoms than we must know how atoms work. If we have 2 trillion cells in our brains we have to know how cells work. You may say we are electricity that flowing in brain but that means we are basicly electrons and samething that in the cable and you consuming for turning the lights on. You know how it is works but you dont know what it is. Than you are saying vampires doesnt exist. How can you be sure this universe is really exist and you are really a human?
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Hello y:

We are bags of chemicals who KNOWS we're bags of chemicals. Our chemicals are made up of atoms which are made up of elements, and the elements in our body NEVER die. They were made by stars, and so are we..


yuno44907(13) Clarified
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I should click to support.

Actually we can be connections between molecules. And we know we lose our memories and everything has limited memory. Maybe we are connected too much and we cant feel our own atom selves anymore. For seeing my true form i need to focus but i cant even move because i am tied myself to this human body and cant detach ties because other molecules dont want to let me leave.

Actually atoms can be liquid and can be acting like bacteria. if tiny thinks move we cant see it and we think it is solid. So stone can be liquid but if it doesnt move enought we will feel like it is solid.

If all atoms are like us than consuming electricity and boiling water not very good. Have can you communicate with a bacteria it doesnt even know what are you and where are you. And what can a bacteria tell us it is just something that eats and multiples t will not worry about global warming; it will look for somewhere colder.

Atrag(5352) Clarified
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A element is made up of one or more atoms of the same type. Did you ever learn chemistry or are you still too young?

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This is what you get when you deny being created in the image of God...nonsense. If you are nothing but the reaction of chemicals, then you are not real. If you are not real, nothing really matters. For nothing to really matter, nothing must be something and it is the thing you believe you are...nothing.

It's a lie, you are not worthless. Believing in evolution is believing in nonsense, believing everything is nonsense and hoping to get out of reality in death so you don't have to fry in Hell for your sins like an eternal rotten sausage thrown into the flaming garbage pit.

yuno44907(13) Clarified
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God is evil. They are using us for generating electricity and we are living in a computer.

NowASaint(1390) Clarified
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You need to take your computer, television, and phone all out in the woods and shoot them to pieces with a double barreled shotgun.