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We are hacking the universe in order to make it do computations for us.

Quantum computers make use of subatomic particles that change states.

The idea for quantum computers stems from regular computers.

The idea for regular computers stems from the printed word.

The idea for the printed word stems from the written word.

The idea for the written word stems from the spoken.

The idea for the spoken word stems from the brain.

The idea for the brain stems from sexual reproduction.

The idea for sexual reproduction stems from DNA.

The idea for DNA stems from subatomic particles changing states.

And we're back to quantum computers.

Is the universe a quantum computer?

On the first day, God created light. Does that mean He created the subatomic particles called photons? Because at that point in time there was nothing to emit light (neither sun nor stars. They were created in day 4) and nothing to reflect light. And photons have spin so they can change state. Ergo, God created a quantum computer and now we are creating our own (or hacking His). We are hacking the universe in order to make it do computations for us.


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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I hope He installed antivirus software! ;)

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EvilNom(98) Disputed
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If he did, then Nom wouldn't be here .

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Nom is a virus hacking the universe? I think you give him too much credit ;)

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