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Vaccines are not totally safe Vaccines are safe full stop
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We are not being (and haven't been) told the full truth about vaccines

It's my contention based on rational reasoning and good evidence that we are not being(and have not been) told the truth about vaccines in modern western medicine (USA/Europe +developed countries). Pharmaceuticals in conjunction with government agencies and politicians have been disingenuous and have obscured the full truth in order to preserve an ideological stance on vaccines and to protect big business interests. They have sold us a myth through clever marketing , fear , media releases and a non-scientific , biased approach to the actual evidence. Professionals who have spoken out about vaccines have been made an example of in order to strike fear into others to keep the truth at bay (eg Dr  Andrew Wakefield 1998-2004 UK MMR research).       

Vaccines are not totally safe

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Vaccines are safe full stop

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What a load of baloney. There is no medical evidence supporting your position. There literally is no limit on the stupidity of Americans. They would rather contract smallpox than use a little bit of common sense.

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First of all I'm not American , so that's assumption number 1 dealt with. Secondly there is evidence of the potential harm that vaccines can do. A lot depends on what evidence you look at , where you look and whether you blindly follow what you are being told by the mainstream. The problem is that you seem to believe the mythology that vaccines are "safe". Even our governments accept implicitly they they are unavoidably unsafe for at least some people.

Are you aware of the 1986 Vaccines Act? What happened was that the pharmaceuticals went to the USA government and said that they would stop producing vaccines unless they were exempt from being sued by people who had been vaccine damaged. They just didn't see how it was going to be financially viable to make vaccines. This should at least be some food for thought for you. Even the drug companies knew vaccines could seriously hurt people. Are you aware that vaccines do not have to undergo the same rigorous testing that normal drugs do because they are not classified as "drugs"?

These are basic facts that you can find for yourself and it's just the tip of a big iceberg. Many so called "vaccine hesitant" people know these things as fairly basic facts , but do you?

Also , polling has showed that in the USA those people who are anti vaccines and tend not to take them to schedule are high earners and highly educated people possibly with a higher IQ than you or me.

There's loads more to explore here but I sense you will not be able to hear it because your mind is not open enough to consider the truth for yourself. Most people just believe what comes out of so called "respected" medical agencies and don't question it. Please tell me you are not one of those sheep.

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