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 What Should Schools Do to Stop Bullying (5)

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What Should Schools Do to Stop Bullying

I'm in a group at school and it think that it would be so help full if i got some ideas on how to stop it. Can you guys mabey give me some?Laughing

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You can't stop it, it's a natural course of development. There's a reason it's been happening for as long as u can remember, in fact it's been happening a lot longer. One of the trials to growing up is to experience childhood and adolescence (this includes bullying). Be smart about it, just as an example, if you're being bullied, try to make it happen in front of a teacher. Use your imagination, bullies are stupid but guess what, stupid people are everywhere. It isn't going away just because it's unfair.

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you said use your imaganation so use it. every one knows it's not going away. but i ment that since you should if could ,would what would you do-ould? and what does "Me go to bank now" mean?

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I'm having trouble decoding your message. Are you asking me for advice about you being bullied? If so, don't demand that I use my imagination, ask me, it's nicer. What I would do depends onthe situation, but since I don't even know who's involved, I can't help. If you want some help msg me.

It would take too long to explain what "me go to bank now" means. Odds are good you'll understand when you're older.

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I think it's a start that you want to stop bullying at your school. Yes, Bullying does happen to everyone, but whether you can come out alive is a harsh trial of 'survival of the fittest'. If you manage to pull through this experience successfully and learn from it will make you so much infinitely more stronger.

The way you can single-handedly dispose of bullying in your school is to stand up to the bullies for other people and yourself.

The first thing you need to do is to be adamant about your resolution. Don't be a half-ass who'll run away drowning in his own tears to get a teacher's help. Not that there's anything wrong with that; it's just that 'dobbing' on the bully to a teacher almost always has the opposite effect and you aren't learning or teaching other people to be assertive and stand up for yourself. Plus, who listens to lectures about bullying prevention from teachers, anyway? Certainly not bullies. The best course of prevention is by applying the philosophy 'actions speak louder than words' (Some people respond better to it, too.)

After you have dealt with that minor issue, we shall move on to the bully. It looks easy to stand up to bullies in all of those old-school 60s movies when it's usually a physical thing like wedgies and being stuffed into a locker. Modern-day bullying is harder to define. It is very psychological and a lot more damaging to your ego. The only thing you will do is to tell the bully to back off, send across the message that you ain't taking any of his/her crap even if the bully only pushed your pencil case off your table or 'accidentally' pushed you in the hallway. (Tell them off the instant the incident happens so that the bully can't play innocent later.) When those 'accidents' happen, you know they did it on purpose, so what's so hard about saying "Listen, [insert name], if you EVER pull that stunt again, I swear I'm going to start handing that crap you give me right back at you tenfold."

A million responses to that previous statement probably went into your head just then, but I think the important thing you should remember is that this person has WRONGED you, you have let them belittle you and you don't deserve to be treated that way.

If you start protecting the people around you, you are sure to boost public moral at your school and raise awareness of bullying. The teachers may even start pitching in.

(A different strategy is to rally a large group of students and teachers to protest against bullying. If you start small (which I expect will happen; some people are terrified of the prospect of exposing themselves as such) and then slowly build yourself up, you just might have a shot.

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The Principal should call in the parents along with the bully and sternly tell them that their child will be expelled if he picks on someone again.

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