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 What Should We Do About the Growing Class of Global Elites? (5)

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What Should We Do About the Growing Class of Global Elites?

Globalization or World Domination?
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One of the most telling parts of the review is in the following quotations:

"Of course, as several of the superclass muckety-mucks Rothkopf talks to complain, most of the officials who are democratically selected by the masses don't really understand -- and perhaps aren't even capable of understanding -- the complex global issues that need to be negotiated. American congressmen, senators and even presidents know how to get elected by capitalizing on delusional fears of gay marriage and illegal aliens, but their constituents don't demand that they master high-level economic or scientific concepts. Chances are, the voters haven't even heard of those concepts, let alone formulated opinions on them. How can even the superclass be accountable to a public that can't (or won't) comprehend what they do?"

What is basically being said is this: The global elites remain unaccountable because the broad sweep of the population of the earth are too ignorant to understand all the complexities of a global economy and political system.

We, the stupid masses, elect stupid politicians who can't comprehend the grand plans of the corporate giants and cultural figureheads. That's why, of course, democracy must stand aside and allow the geniuses to do as they please.

There is a kernal of truth to this; we are largely ignorant of what needs to be done. Of course; we are made ignorant by those very same elites. Elites who like to keep our public schools underfunded, our television and radio filled with nonsense and propaganda, and our minds filled with a desire to buy as much as possible.

Instead of insisting that we focus heavily on properly educating people, providing public primary school opportunities, better access to relevant information, fancier libraries, free college, and a media focused on education instead of stupification they simply shrug their shoulders and say: "They are too stupid, we should rule".

Perhaps their rationale is their own downfall; to take down to mega-rich, the public figureheads, the political geniuses; to reinstall democracy as the dominant decision-making power in the world; we are going to have to education ourselves and those around us.

We are going to have to learn; knowledge, as even the most powerful people on the planet now admit, is the ultimate power.

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I agree education is the key, but i stress we need a worldly education. A lot of people have education but it is biased. Take for instance history. Granted the victors generally write the textbooks but it is difficult until recently in a country to find much information about the wrongs that country did in the past.

It is not only bias but there appears to be a covert effort to prevent people from getting education, and without education you are doomed to be under someone else's control. The people who are denied proper education are the poor, and minorities, those groups that would probably find most fault with the global elites had they the education to know what has been done to their people and homes.

We need to work to give everyone a good education that when viable, like history and sociology to give multiple points of view without stressing which is better. If a person has had a decent education they can figure out what was better, they don't need to be told.

In order for a people to be free they need to have an education, not just an education that stresses specific facts but helps them to logically reason and make informed decisions. The global elite maintain their power because of the ignorance or lack of care from most of the population they exploit.

in direct answer to the question, we need to make sure all get as good of an education as possible that way we can properly and effectively confront and stop the global elites from running the world, for they do not by default work to better society but to better exploit it.

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Well, I've always said that half the world's population is below average.

But you would imagine that the Global Elites would think twice about destroying a country like the U.S. which is what it feels like is happening. But what do I know. I'm just one of the ignoramuses.

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Basically, what democracy does, is allow people to work their way to the top, instead of dictatorships (nazism, communism) that appoint an elitist who feels that his way is the best way and he makes everyone do it.

at least with democracy the people are choosing their leaders who have a short term (not enough to do extensive damage to our democracy).

People constantly want to talk about how "oh, the white man and his corporations are running everything" and these are the same people who want some totalitarian rule... really? do we really want these morons running the world?

Everyone should be able to decide for themselves (i'm against infringements on our rights, so i don't want full democracy which could have liberals and conservatives vote in laws that they feel would "help" us). It's much better for millions of men to be killing themselves with their actions than one man killing millions of men with his actions. Education is important, but we have to make sure it's not "propaganda" education (like you see in the totalitarian handbook).

as Pink Floyd said "We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control".

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I thought that democracy really only allowed the majority 51%+ to affect politics and with money work their way into high politics, didn't most politicians start with a good amount of money?

A democracy should let the people choose their leaders but that doesn't mean that the leader "elected" was chosen by the majority. We hear all throughout the news of rigged elections, a democracy is not free of corruption.

I believe that most people who complain about how the white man and corporations control everything are not willing to leave one form of control just to go to that of a totalitarian form of control.

If you look you can see that many American(democracy) text books also have propaganda maybe not as blatant as in a totalitarian nation but its still there. Education is very important but like you said it needs to not be propaganda education.

By the way, good taste in music.

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