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What Would You Do?: Customer Abuses Employee with Down Syndrome



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Sorry but I didn't watch the video. I really prefer getting your side to things, but mostly they piss me off even when I know it's an act....or at least I hope it is.

No I wouldn't allow someone to abuse anyone without stepping up and saying something. I think more so when it's someone with DS or Autism or anything where their mental or physical condition is less than the norm.

This even applies to women who breastfeed in public and get harassed for it.

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Sorry but I didn't watch the video. I really prefer getting your side to things, but mostly they piss me off even when I know it's an act....or at least I hope it is.

I think when people go out of their way to bully and tease people (particularly when they are disabled/highly vulnerable) then this requires a large scale social response from all surrounding people as a civic duty. The perpetrator should be challenged on their immature, disgraceful behavior and be made aware that they are either going to cease and rectify or else be socially ostracized (because behavior like that is not to be tolerated in our society).

I was a Security Guard for 4 years so I have quite a bit of experience with quasi-"What Would You Do?" type scenarios. I have found that the adults behavior tends to be just as bad as the kids (i.e. people <= early twenties) if not worse because adults (who behave in such a manner) have somehow went through their lives for decades without being seriously challenged in the manner I suggested in my first paragraph in any consistent framework and thus are more stubborn, believing they have the right to act in such ways without anyone telling them differently.

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The just punishment for those who humiliate others for being "lesser" in their eyes is to be humbled themselves. One day, they will be humbled by God.

There is a reason why saving face is considered good etiquette. Some people have no manners. Then you have a bunch of wankers running around this site calling people retarded and mocking them. Making fun of the handicapped. Making fun of the disadvantaged. If the people who did this had any understanding of the unmerited favor they have been shown, they would thank God for grace rather than take pride in what they think they've accomplished,earned, or what they were born with or into.

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I would speak up. Incidentally, I love that first lady's reaction. So much heart. These videos really irk me, though.

Certainly, there are jobs a man with down's syndrome should as a rule, not be working - clearly, anybody who doesn't have the particular skills shouldn't be working a job that requires those skills - but frankly, if they can manage to acquire the skill, there is no reason they shouldn't be in the position.

Sacking groceries requires almost no skill, and if you are in that much of a hurry, you can do it yourself.

I've never known anyone with down's syndrome who has learned to troubleshoot computers, but given that one does, more power to them. I wouldn't recommend it as a career choice for anyone without a natural gift for it, but that remains a possibility.

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