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 What are your considerations in coming up with a Technology plan? (2)

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What are your considerations in coming up with a Technology plan?

What is Technology Planning?
Technology planning is the process of planning the technical evolution of a program/ system to achieve the organisations outcomes.

Why do we need Technology Planning?
Given that resources are limited, there is a need to be strategic in allocating resources so that the organisation's outcomes can be achieved.

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It needs to consider many things. This can include:

1) Finance

2) Human resource

3) Skills, Attitudes and Behaviours

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As a member of a large company I know that plan will never fall on me to design. BUT as a family unit which also uses technology the considerations are:

1) What's the continuity status of the tech we already have (what is breaking down, what is our own vs from one of our employers, etc)

2) What's our budget as well as what is on sale and when

3) What can our kids use now, or later, or not at all

4) What can be substituted for free or cheaper than conventionally purchased (such as listening to Pandora instead of buying albums; using Netflix instead of a home DVD collection)

5) What is most vulnerable to hacking and how do we protect against that

6) What integrates with other tech in the house or is a stand alone

7) How easily can we explain the tech to grandma in the house

8) How susceptible is it to catastrophic destruction by one of our kids

9) Power - recharge; battery replacement/disposal; will it blow fuses in an old house

10) Necessity vs luxury

ekerrin(8) Clarified
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Interesting. Did you come up with the points based on your own experience? Curious to know. Thanks.

Grenache(6104) Clarified
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Yes, especially the comments around the kids and grandma. ..................................................