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 What are your top ten favorite works of fiction (books, movies, games etc) (6)

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What are your top ten favorite works of fiction (books, movies, games etc)

Here are mine
10: Chronicles of ancient darkness
9:Harry Potter
8: Death note
7: Naruto
6: Lord of the rings
5: Legend of Zelda
4: Elder Scrolls
3: Assassin's creed
2: Star Wars
1: A song of ice and fire/game of thrones
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In no particular order:

1. Star wars, episodes IV & V (Films)

2. Splinter cell, specifically Chaos theory. (Games)

3. Catch 22 (book)

4. Lord of the rings + the Hobbit (Books & Films)

5. Battlefield 3 & 4 (Games)

6. Peep Show (Sitcom)

7. The X-Files (the old TV series (those recent ones mostly sucked))

8. The Terminator (only the original film)

9. The original Mad Max (film)

10. My sex life (fantasy)

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Did you know in battlefield 2 they have black women fighting for nazi germany to be "inclusive" ?

Mack(535) Clarified
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I think you mean battlefield 'V'. I think it's pretty dumb too, but it's their game so they can do what they want with it. I'm not going to buy it anyways (mainly because it doesn't look like a good game though).

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I've been looking at the Ringworld books, so you'd recommend them?

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If you are into futuristic theoretical science fiction stuff, then they are great, yep.

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Also in no particular order:

10. Ark: Survival Evolved

9. Warframe

8. Guild Wars 1&2

7. Dragons of Autumn Twilight series

6. Harry Potter books

5. Star Trek TNG

4. Firefly

3. MCU movies

2. Grandia 2

1. Arrow and Flash