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What came first, the chicken or the egg?

It's both both and neither.


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Neither came first. Time is in a systematic loop where the egg birthed the chicken, which birthed said egg, which birthed said chicken, which birthed said egg to infinity.

In one theory, a theoretical "Adam" was the first man in a time loop. His last descendent, the last man on Earth, watched an apocalypse that destroyed all technology, and then gave birth to Adam. And the process repeats itself infinitely and eternally. They are both the father/grandfather and child/grandchild of each other. They both come from each other infinitely because time has no beginning nor an end. Time is abstract, and so is reality itself in said theory.

Now go get me a beer.

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The egg clearly came first.

Fish, amphibians, and dinosaurs all laid eggs hundreds of millions of years before there were chickens.

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Ha, that's a good point.

But according to Nomenclature he existed before the entire universe and he lives outside of it so apparently the first thing that ever existed in the first place was a big fat chicken.

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Stop posting my thoughts before I do!

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The egg came first this “ old chestnut “ has been put to bed a long time ago

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