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What color is Mingiwuwu's penis?


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You are now proven wrong. The bottom source is the nail in the coffin, as it merely states that carbs are necessary for dopamine synthesis without evidence and makes the blatantly and objectively false statement shortly afterwards that fat cannot be used as fuel for the body. The body can get glucose from fat so that pro-carb article is literally biased and probably funded by the grain industry.

Dopamine is synthesized in the brain, glucose is created in the liver. Carbs specifically cannot be necessary for dopamine because by the time they reach the brain they are already converted to glucose and carbs OR fat OR protein can all be used to make glucose.

Furthermore the one that essentially states that carbs and fats at the same time are bad does not support you. It supports the fact that when you are burning carbs your body burns the carbs instead of fat thus making it easier to gain weight. The rest of them are barely even relevant. The dopamine diet article barely mentions carbs. I am convinced now that you are wrong more than anything else.

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Enjoy your depression and constant anger.

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