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 What do dictators and corrupt Governments do to those shining a light on their inhumanity (3)

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What do dictators and corrupt Governments do to those shining a light on their inhumanity

If it's a dictatorship, the Government simply arrests or kills the people speaking out against the inhumanity. Here in America, our Government can not simply arrest people for shining a light on it's corruption. They will spend all of the people's money and time chasing one witch hunt after the next, hoping beyond all hope they find something to stick.

As soon as Democrats got a majority in the House, they launched another huge Trump corruption inquiry. Since Trump was elected, Democrats have done nothing for the betterment of America, but rather a non stop attack of anything Trump says or does. They even attack him for things they supported under Obama.

When Trump showed in the State of the Union address how Democrats are becoming socialists and supporters of infanticide, the response from Democrats was doing everything in their power to prosecute Trump on something, ANYTHING just to shut him up.

Trump is showing the world what good Conservative policies can do for a nation and Democrats hate it.
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Trump is the first President with a back bone, not afraid of the political correct thought police or fake news. He is showing the Democrat Party for the obstructionist extremists they have become.

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Yet, more sweeping judgments, more deceptive accusations from you?

Jesus is very upset with you.

FromWithin(7408) Disputed
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Here's the difference between you and me.

I deal in facts while you refuse to respond to the facts.

When I call people like you deceptive, I give examples as to why.

When you call me deceptive, you give no examples and respond to nothing in my debate.

That obviously gets you banned from this debate.