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 What do you consider a Good Long Life? (13)

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What do you consider a Good Long Life?

If you had your health (reasonable) and faculties & you remember most of what you had for breakfast, what age would you like to live to?

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If I was mobile, had companionship and could remember the great grand children's names I say 100 would be a good age.

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Dying at around 87 with my wife of 65 years at my side, along with 5 children, 18 grandchildren, 21 great grandchildren, and 3 great great grandchildren - of course, with all my faculties in tact.

Any time before April 15 would work for me. I'm sick and tired of filling out tax forms ;)

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Last year was the first year i didn't spend more on tuition than I owed in taxes, so I took full advantage of that Haiti tax deduction thing.

So are you no longer mad at me or are you supporting me dying by April 15 ;)

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I see no reason to die. And I have every reason to live. So, until that changes, a good long life is one that just keeps on going.

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Eh I would like to die when the time comes.

I don't really care. When the time comes for me to die I will.

Hopefully it will be of old age.


A good long life?

Humble, rich, successful, having a family, love, and making sure the white race stays alive.

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I think that, if i could still walk, and eat without help 95 would be a perfect age to live to because 100 seems like to long to live.

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Somewhere between 95 and 100.

Being that old and being alert and able to have a conversation and being able to walk around says success. I would wan't people to know I'm successful and healthy.

But you know, I don't wanna live forever.

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If I had still had my fiance with me, I would want to live forever.

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Being content when i die.