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What do you guys think about an audio debate?

I was thinking, it might be interesting to have debates using voice chat. This doesn't need to be a site feature (though it'd be nice!) we can simply use the below link (or a similar service) to create online audio recordings and share the URL in the debate. Would anyone be interested in trying this?

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I like my anonymity thank you.

Who knew?
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If I want to have an audio debate i’ll just talk to any of the people around me in real life. I don’t need to mess with doing recordings on the web.

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I thought that it might help reduce the number of troll posts and increase the personability of interactions, in addition to adding some novelty to using the site again.

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Grenache(6104) Clarified
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I understand. But it still doesn't interest me.

And maybe I'm wrong but I suspect much of the clientelle in here is too old to be psyched to go on video and speak up. The YouTube/Vlog generation tends to only visit in here on occasion, not to be the regulars who keep coming back.

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