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 What do you regret the most? (16)

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What do you regret the most?

This might be a slightly depressing topic, but I'm curious to hear your answers.

I know everybody's first answer will be "joining createdebate," but lets skip past that one.

Your answer could be something you regret having done, or something you regret not having done.
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A long time ago, when I was a smart ass teen, my father was gaining weight. Thinking it would be funny I went up to give him a hug then went "boing" as if I bounced back from his stomach.

Looking back, his outstretched arms and subsequent look of hurt on his face made me see what a terrible thing that was. He died when I was 16 and I would give anything to take that stupid attempt at a joke back and actually get a hug from him. It may not seem like something big to most people but it was a turning point for me.

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That made my eyes water up. Thanks for sharing Mint, and it is something big.

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It made mine too, decades later and I still feel upset over it. But it's helped me to not be an utter ass to people. So, live by lesson's learned I suppose.

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At 19 years old, I had the offer from a friend and a few of her friends to be the only guy in sexual fivesome. I was a virgin at the time, not in love with my friend, and religious, so I turned them down.

At the time, I knew it was likely to be a mistake to take them up on it, and I know now, even without the long-lost religion, that it really would have been a mistake.

Not making that mistake is my greatest and saddest regret.

Almost all of my regrets are mistakes I did not make.

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Dropping out of medical school because I didn't speak the language well enough. I should have prepared more before hand and integrated better into Spanish culture. It still feel crushed when I think about it.

marcusmoon(515) Disputed
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The other regrets posted so far are irretrievable, but yours is not.

I have no idea about your age or life situation, but I would be willing to bet it is not too late for you to fix this thing you regret.

Seriously, my friend, if you still feel crushed when you think about it, then it is something you still truly want. Call up a little courage, take the risk, return to your dream, and go fulfill your special purpose.

Regrets should make us smarter and better. In your case that might mean becoming Dr.Atrag. :)

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Hello M:

I didn't schtup Zoe Ann Olsen when she offered..


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The Opening Poster should answer the question before expecting others to do so.

Mack(535) Clarified
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I understand and respect your point, but I don't exactly 'expect' others to do so - nobody has to. I was just curious, though I don't want to share my own regrets right now.

marcusmoon(515) Clarified
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You just played a card without putting your ante into the pot.

So what is your greatest regret. Come on, ante up.


The fact that I was born is my biggest regret..................

Mint_tea(3490) Clarified
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Aw Fact, it's good you were born! I hope you find happiness and as marcus said, faith and fun.

*I mean faith as something that you can believe in that makes you want to be a better person for it. Not saying you're a bad person but we should always strive to be better.....I'm buggering this up, aren't I.....

marcusmoon(515) Disputed
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That is sad, and I truly hope it changes with your mood.

I am pretty sure that so long as you live such that you are the only person who regrets that you were born, you will come to regret that you ever regretted being born.

Have a little faith and a little fun.


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If I had left my ex sooner I might have met my wife sooner which would have allowed us to either have a bigger family or to have saved more before we launched into having the family.

marcusmoon(515) Clarified
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If I had left my ex sooner I might have met my wife sooner which...

On the other hand, you might have met someone else, and ended up with someone less suited to making you wish for a bigger family.

Our lives are the results of accidents and coincidences and the exact timing required to get to just where we are.

If you are happy and in love, then you probably left your ex at the exact right time.

Grenache(6104) Clarified
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I completely agree, and my wife has even made comments much like yours.

So much of life is who you know and when you know them.

Anyway, that's still what I regret the most, but I'm happy with our life anyway, so I guess I don't have much to regret.

I regret not having the maturity to work for what I wanted and not exposing myself to better competition as a kid..

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My schooling was a total mess. I was far beyond my class, and it bored me to tears, so I learned on my own...but that totally spoiled me for school. I never developed study habits, never needing when I went to college, I failed terribly. I was fine until I met calculus, when I would have sworn...and did...that I had the wrong book. I didn't seek help...I ended up throwing it all away.

I did continue to learn on my own, but never got my focus back.

I don't know if this will sound stupid and/or arrogant but I seriously have no regrets.

I've done dumb things, nasty things but I regret none of it as it shaped the amazing human being I am today.

I was a mean person in my past and learned my lessons (and only could have wanted to be this kind a human being if I'd been that mean to begin with).

I can tear apart someone with words and build them up from nothing with words too. To be able to do both to the right type of person is a skill I adore having.

I crush bullies and breed joy in would-be victims again and again and this talent was only gained by being bullied and being a bitter fuck in the first place and learning how to spread joy from all the mistakes.

I've been a cunt and had people be cunts to me which hurt me deep. I learned so much from that I could never ever have learned without it. I love my life and my past is something I have no shame in but due to the urge to remain somewhat anonymous here, Imma stay on the lay low with details.