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It's true, it has to be

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A release of chemicals seems to take place in theses situations as the body prepares itself to close down as the person is suffering extreme trauma ; no doubt people experience something but if one looks at the near death experiences of Muslims one sees many of them claiming a commuincation with Muhammad and various messengers as in angels which would seem to signify a lot of these events are culturally influenced

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I would not say that these example are necessarily true, nor necessarily BS.

I saw a documentary about near death and some people describe nothing at all. Others describe something similar to those in your link. The most interesting part was a man who went under for surgery, his face covered and his chest ripped open. He described an out of body experience wherein he observed a somewhat odd and distinct mannerism of the surgeon working on him, as well as the surgeons shoes. When he came to, he told the Dr. The doctor present does not doubt the mans account. When the interviewer presented the situation to a scientist, the scientist stated that he does not know how this could happen. He went on to say that, though science cannot explain everything, we should not make incredible assumptions about what the mans experience means. The scientific answer is "we don't know yet". There's a lot that we have not yet learned via the scientific method. That's what makes it all interesting.

The problem with these accounts is that they are 100% subjective and not at all reproducible. Science having input into these kinds of things is probably a little way off.

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No, Science has a lot to say about the matter.

Here is a link to a debate from Intelligence Squared on exactly this issue:;=57s

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People have had near death experiences and reported all kinds of things. Some people report seeing loved ones, some people report a Christian afterlife (heaven or hell- oddly enough, claiming either one can get you a fairly lucrative book deal. Take whatever conclusions from that you want) some people report seeing Hindu gods, some people report out of body experiences where they just float around in the general area of their bodies.

What I find interesting is, I have yet to hear of a case where someone reports seeing an afterlife of a different religion than what they practice.

I hypothesize that you see whatever you think you're going to see, that it is all a hallucination as your brain shuts down. And when it does shut down, lights out.


But that's just my hypothesis.

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The scientific explanation was already provided on this thread. But let me add just for fun that if you want lots of victims to get lured into your trap then one good way is to send a few back out to claim "Gee, it's great in there! You must go check it out!". Meanwhile the hungry spaghetti monster in the dark keeps licking its chops.

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