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 What do you think being a human means? (19)

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What do you think being a human means?

Please enlighten myself and others as to what you think being a human is all about.
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Personally, from a realistic and evidence based point of view, I think humans are merely animals with the ability of unprecedented rational thought.

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Largely, I agree with your perspective. The concept of rational thought intrigues me as being potentially more complex than we commonly conceive of it being. There is a growing amount of research which indicates that our reasoning abilities are largely if not entirely pre-determined and/or post hoc rationalizations. Of course, there is something to be said for the scientific and other discoveries we can make that other animals on our planet cannot, but the elements of intention and will in that process interest me. This is not a refutation by any means, but merely a spin off from your observation.

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There's nothing special in an ethereal sense about being a human, if that's what you're after. If I can say anything, it'd be that we've evolved enough to not shit all over the place when we die, and instead we just shit in our pants.

Being human means the ability to think and to rationalize and to express emotions.

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Some animals can express emotions. Take man's best friend for example. Dogs can show emotion, whether those emotions are 'simpler' than that of humans, nevertheless.

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Mimicking others. Pretending to be nice in the presence of someone, but then speaking harshly of that person when they aren't around.

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So you think being human is about following what everyone else is doing? At least that's what I presume you meant by 'mimicking', and is it really necessary as a human to mock people behind their backs?

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Yes, it's what I see most of them doing. I don't do it, but then again, I don't consider myself human.

It's the two things that are most prevalent..

BEING A HUMAN, MEANS BEING A HUMAN.. Suck it up and deal with it

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I think being a human is all about being alive. If you are not alive, you are not a human anymore.

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it means you are not a monkey, you are not an ape, and you are not an orangatan

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These ROOT-WORDS are HUM & HUMAN which come from the Latin humus, meaning EARTH & GROUND and the Latin humanus which means MAN. It is interesting to follow the changes of idea here. It begins with HUMus, earth, then becomes HUMble, lowly; finally to HUMAN, Man. But we must never forget the origin of man; “Dust thou art and to dust thou must return.”

1. Humus : HUM us (hyu’ mus) n.

Earth; ground

2. Humanities : HUMAN ities (hyu man’ i teze) n.

Studies and interests of a cultural type which enrich the spirit of mankind

3. Humate : HUM ate (hyu’ mate) n.

A salt of a humic acid

4. Exhume : ex HUM e (egz yume’) v.

Take out of the ground; unearth; disinter

5. Exhumate : ex HUM ate (eks hyu’ mate) v.

To exhume; disinter

6. Exhumation : ex HUM ation (eks hu may’ shun) n.

The act of taking out of the ground; disinterment

7. Humble : HUM ble (hum’ b’l) adj.

Lowly; unpretentious; as, an humble poerson

8. Humbly : HUM bly (hum’ blee) adv.

Meekly; unpretentiously

9. Humic : HUM ic (hyu’ mik) adj.

Derived from the soil; as, humic acid

10. Humicubation : HUM incubation (hyu mik yue bay; shun) n.

Act of lying on the ground in penitence; self abasement

11. Humility : HUM ility (hyu mil’ it ee) n.

The quality of lowliness; meekness

12. Humiliate : HUM iliate (hyu mil’ ee ate) v.

To humble; to shame; to abase

13. Humiliation : HUM iliation (hyu mil ee ay’ shun) n.

Feeling of shame; degradation

14. Human : HUMAN (hyu’ man) adj.

Belonging or relating to main

15. Humanify : HUMAN ify (hyu man’ i fie) v.

Make into a man

16. Humane : HUMAN e (hyu mane’) adj.

Marked by sympathy, compassion for other human beings and animals

17. Humanize : HUMAN ize (hyu’ma nize) v.

Make human; render humane

18. Inhuman : in HUMAN (in hyu’ man) adj.

Lacking the qualities of a humane being

19. Humanity : HUMAN ity (hyu man’ it ee) n.

The quality of being human

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You really have no idea how dumb you look responding to a guy after 256 days with a copy and pasted statement about sounding like a parrot, do you?

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Cartman(14724) 1 point

You really have no idea how dumb you look responding to a guy after 256 days with a copy and pasted statement about sounding like a parrot, do you?