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What do you think should happen to people who fake being a victim?

There are a few instances I'm thinking of, the newest one is a woman by the name of Thelma Williams:
Then there is a guy by the name of Joshua Lee Witt:

If a person creates a completely bogus crime to make themselves be seen as a victim and causes the police to waste time, effort and money trying to find either the "victim" or the perpetrator, what do you think should happen to the liar once it comes to light that they make a false report?
In this question I'm not talking about an instance where a "victim" accuses someone they know of committing a crime that never happened, I'm talking about blaming some unknown, mystery criminal or a crime that was never committed.  Perhaps a follow up question would be, do you think there is a difference between a person falsely accusing some made up person or falsely accusing someone they knew?
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I know people who have built careers on playing the victim. Conservative politicians do it quite a lot when you bust them for being racist or bigoted. They accuse you of being racist for accusing them of racism. It's all very silly. I'm sure you know how it works.

In any case, if it is proven that someone is faking victimhood then I think that is a type of public fraud. Under the right circumstances it should be considered a crime against society.

Mint_tea(3567) Clarified
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I would argue that they need to pay full restitution for the money spent by the police to find a fake perpetrator, then they need to spend some time in prison. I'm all for public shaming as well, they want the attention, they get it, just not how they wanted.

Okay a woman who accused about 12men for raping her over two years in different encounters and succeeding in getting some men in jail but was later exposed and sent to prison for 5yrs for wasting 6,400hrs of police time and some thousands dollars, also for giving the opportunity to real criminals to escape justice should they cite her scenario as an example to prove their innocence(which they are not).

Mint_tea(3567) Clarified
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Do you think that punishment was adequate enough? In that instance real people were accused, affected and punished for a crime they didn't commit.

jeffreyone(1294) Clarified
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Do you think that punishment was adequate enough?

I will try getting you the contact of the judge....

he can best answer.