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 What does gun control have to do with abortion? (18)

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What does gun control have to do with abortion?

It seems that most people are either pro-gun and pro-life, or anti-gun and pro-choice. Why are the other combinations (pro-gun and pro-choice, anti-gun and pro-life) less common? I don't see why positions on these issues should be so strongly correlated.

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Because people that are both Pro-Gun and Pro-Life wants to Restrict other peoples right while keeping their own.

Scout143(652) Disputed
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And those who are anti-gun and pro-choice want to restrict other's rights as well, while keeping their own. It's a battle of opinions.

Cuaroc(8704) Disputed
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And how are males that are Pro-Choice keeping their own rights?

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It probably has to do with religion. A majority of gun owners are conservative-Christian people. Many Christians are against abortion, and are pro-second amendment. Many anti-gun, pro-choice are more liberal, and may be less concerned with religious ties to social problems. But this is just my theory.

Yes, in other words rednecks vs. 21st century .

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Eh, not all are rednecks, hillbillies, etc. The history on the difference between rednecks and hillbillies is actually really interesting, if you want to discuss it. But anyway, sticking with your religion doesn't mean you're against the 21st century. You just have a different opinion on what is going on.

Cuaroc(8704) Clarified
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Why do Christians have guns when they have god to protect them?

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I am pro-gun and I am pro-choice.

In fact, it kind of makes sense to be pro-gun and pro-choice. Both imply a limited government role in the private decisions of individuals.

People who advocate gun control ask that the government takes away our possessions in which we use for self-defense. People who advocate regulations on abortion ask that the government restrict our ability to make a decision on our own body.

Their arguments become profound when challenged enough, but the basics of it is the same. Both anti-gun and pro-life people are for big government; pro-gun and pro-choice people are for less government.

Ahhhhh the logic feels good to read.

This is why I missed you, man.

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I've been busy in research and shit but I'm back, sort of.

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Nothing, you can't take 2 issues and combine them together. On average, Republicans all believe the same thing. And, the Democrats believe in the opposite. These are called platforms that the parties run on. Any 2 issues covered will have a high split in 2 possibilities and a low amount in the other 2. There is no reason to combine them together. Both parties have inherent hypocrisies/contradictions.

I agree if we're talking about politicians who have to vote along party lines. But what about everyone else? They don't have to be loyal to either party, and are free to make up their mind on each issue.

Cartman(18207) Clarified
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That part confuses me as well. But, the more and more I talk to people the more I find out how non open minded they are. I have no real explanation, but why would politicians need to vote along party lines if the people who elected them to do that don't want it? These 2 groups have their set of ideals and figure out how to justify them instead of the other way around.

I'm pro-choice and pro-guns so I can't relate. I would think that would be a more common pairing.

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I am prochoice and progun. .

Well you see when you further any gun control, all the 'MERICANS get really, really angry which causes them to want to murder their children making these two issues inseparable ;)

I don't see any correlation between the two concepts. Some people just like to cause hysteria.

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Sitara(11100) Disputed
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If Roe is overturned, I will help lead an armed rebellion against the government. Do not test me on this. I will fight for women's rights.

Chuz-Life(497) Disputed
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Whatever. Just like the topic of this debate suggests. Most pro-lifers are pro-gun as well.

It's a defense thing.