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 What gas price will force you to cut back on driving? (7)

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What gas price will force you to cut back on driving?

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I only need my car 4 days out of a month. That's 42 days out of the 365 day, year. I only need to drive... (checks google map)

21.7 miles each one of those 42 days, so out of a year that's... 911.4 miles.

$4/gallon with a 10 gallon tank is $40, and I get about 24mpg in my 91 MX-5... So, in one year that's $151.9 worth of fuel. That's 15.2 full tanks of gas.

I'll admit, that's nothing compared to most people and $151.9 doesn't seem like much for a whole year... but then think about repairs. Think about tire cost, insurance, registration, blah blah blah. It all adds up.

I have decided to buy a bike, rather than deal with all of that. It was a strange decision, but WOW, has it paid off. I don't remember when I put gas in my car last. The battery is dead because I don't drive it enough, and if I want to, i could sell the car for what it's worth. I feel healthier, I've built muscle mass, and not just in my legs, I sleep better at night, I eat better and smoke less and my sweat doesn't stink like B.O. anymore... and I'm saving the earth somehow.

The benefits to riding a bike are unsurpassable by any other mode of transportion, and it actually gets me where I need to go before I get tired (Sometimes more than 18 miles away).

For more random information:

There'll be a war before we even get close that price.

stanleyge(64) Disputed
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There already is a war. So far as I can tell, it hasn't brought oil prices down.

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It costs 16 cents per mile if gas costs $4 per gallon and your car gets 25 miles per gallon. If you drive 60 miles round-trip to work, that's $9.60 per day, that's $48 per day, $192 per week.

I'm more aware of the price of gas, but can't say I've cut back on driving yet. If the price goes to $8/gal. I guess we'd only drive to work and for essential services.

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Nothing. I drive a lawnmower, 1.4 gallon tank, and I get around.

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My limit has already been reached for "cutting back." Diesel in some places is approaching $5/gallon. My car gets great mileage, but it doesn't make up for that kind of insane price. As soon as it does hit $5/gal, I'm submitting a request to telecommute at least once a week. When it hits $6/gallon, I'll ask to only drive in two days a week (for meetings, interviews, hardware, consultations, etc). I figure the first benchmark I'll see by the end of summer and the latter some time in '09. Scary, ain't it?