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 What happens to a nation when the media is in bed with the Leftist Party? (2)

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What happens to a nation when the media is in bed with the Leftist Party?

America has become the greatest nation in the history of the world for one reason. Our freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution, with smaller Government and power to the people.


So what do you think will happen when one side of the Government is in bed with the media? It's no different then other dictatorships around the world. The Governments control what the media puts out to the people. It's called absolute corruption with Big Brother conditioning people how to think the political correct way.

The Democrat Party and the vast majority of our media are working together to impeach or destroy President Trump regardless the majority of Americans elected him!

These rich elitist Democrats call Trump voters as being deplorable and irredeemable! This is how the Left operates, with one side of Government and the media working together. They demonize the Right and constantly twist every word spoken to condition the people.

The vast majority of journalists and those running our news networks admit to being Left leaning, as most of them were indoctrinated by Liberal Professors in College.

Were it not for Fox news and some talk radio, the Conservative voice in America would be dead. Thank God we still have one news network not in bed with the Democrat Party.
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America is split down the middle between the working man and the beorgiosie. Apparently you are either a cuck or you are an elitist rich man, so which is it?