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What has been asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

I've always thought that believing things without evidence opened the door to believe any number of silly things, but some people seem to think differently.


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I agree. I demand proof when my mother tells me think positive and things will change, because there is no proof for that crap.

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I agree, some people just have very low standards when it comes to evidence, I don't think people believe things that they don't have a reason to, they just have a bad reason.

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If it's been claimed to have happened many people and you can find videos or articles with many people explaining the phenomenon and the time/place etc that it happened in. Even if it sounds "silly" it's now become somewhat or highly likely to be true because of the repetition.

All of that is enough evidence to believe that it's true. If logic can't disprove it then consider that it's true.

It's ok to dismiss it if there's 0 evidence.

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Stryker(849) Disputed
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If logic can't disprove it then consider that it's true.

I agree that the more corresponding accounts that can be verified lends the the accuracy of a claim, but something isn't considered true until it has been demonstrated to be true. Unfalsifiable != True

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Intangible(4933) Clarified
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well yeah, but don't dismiss the idea as false if there's a chance it could be true.

When nothing can disprove it and there isn't something "solid" to prove it, but there is evidence there the idea stays in the "it's a possibility area".

It's incorrect to say something is false just because you lack certain evidence.

If it's not true that the idea is false then it isn't false, but it isn't truth either. Just a possibility....

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Since you didn't back that statement up with any evidence; I'm going to dismiss it.

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Stryker(849) Disputed
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That would only work if I asserted it, right now I'm looking for people opinion on the statement.

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sauh(1107) Disputed
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What is a statement if not an assertion?

See what I just said was a question; note ending punctuation.

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