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What is more dangerous?

Does the government know what's best for us?


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i don't plan to do either of these because both are dangerous.

either you fuck up your brain or you fuck up your liver. either way, you're going to kill yourself...maybe even other people.

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I've had lots of experience with both. I've seen other people using both. This is an easy pick.

Drunk people tend to do more dangerous things and do them worse. Stoned people tend to not want to do much of anything.

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I think the idea that stoned people don't want to do anything is an idea created and perpetrated by the same people who want to keep it illegal. We as a culture subscribe to it at an almost subconscious level. Cannabis doesn't demotivate you, just look at medical users and those in Amsterdam. It's the individual's choice to sit around doing nothing and it certainly seems appealing when high. Though if you notice, the same people who sit around while stoned also sit around sober. It would be a lot more difficult for them to keep profiting off of a nearly harmless plant if their spiel went something like:

"You can do almost everything stoned that you can sober. Even drive and interact in a polite manner with your peers. Studies show that it's not nearly as harmful for you as we once claimed and actually has many benefits, many of which can only be gained by smoking or ingesting the plant. It's still illegal though so don't smoke pot kids. It's for losers."

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Usually when drunk people drive, they fuckin' go fast as fuck and run into someone. Pot heads go real slow and look like morons, but you're not gonna kill someone going 10mph on the street.

alcoholics can get real violent, pot heads are usually mellow.

Alcohol makes you shit your parents while vomiting in the pool... pot just makes you hungry.

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Yes! And there's so much proof of this it is ridiculous. I would refer anyone who likes this debate to my blog, I talk about how much safer marijuana is than any other drug all the time and find articles dealing with this kind of thing.

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The human epidemiology supports that for cancer risk, for example, alcohol is MUCH worse!

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Alcohol is widely available, cheap, and effective at making one intoxicated. It is also as addictive as any illegal (or legal for that matter) drug!

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