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What is science?

What is science?

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Something you have no understanding of......................................

Trying to understand our surroundings and the universe with reasoning as far as possible.

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What is science?

Hello T:

It's that thing that liberals and atheists believe, so you shouldn't..


FactMachine(431) Disputed
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You can't politicize science you snaggle toothed yellow bellied dildo-rarefied anus possessing degenerate. Politics is explicitly separate from science and has no scientific basis, political "science" is nothing but some philosophy and social constructs mixed with some manipulation tactics. I bet you jerked off to Bill Nye the science guy when he did his abhorently degenerate propaganda episode on gender. You libtarded porno mag collecting basement troll on oxycontin, you delicate dandy dildo holster, this is what happens when you mix politics with science. 50 genders and no such thing as climate change, you both fucking suck and don't know shit about science. Politicians aren't fucking scientists, they're actors, businessmen, and Illuminati reptillian Freemason KKK Zionists from Andromeda

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Hello F:

As long as I'm able to provoke a hate filled unbalanced response like yours, I'm doing my job..


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Science is defined by Merriam-Webster as "A state of knowing".

Knowing is defined as

"having or reflecting knowledge, information, or intelligence"

Knowledge - "the range of one's information or understanding"

Information - "knowledge obtained from investigation, study, or instruction (2) :intelligence, news (3) :facts, data"

Intelligence - "the act of understanding :comprehension"

Understanding - "a mental grasp :comprehension"

Comprehension - "the act or action of grasping with the intellect :understanding"

Intellect - "a :the power of knowing as distinguished from the power to feel and to will :the capacity for knowledge

b :the capacity for rational or intelligent thought especially when highly developed"

Rational - "having reason or understanding"

Reason - "the thing that makes some fact intelligible"

Intelligible - "capable of being understood or comprehended"

It seems to me that science is intrinsically connected to the human observer. What does that mean? It means that science is intrinsically a part of the tool that is being used to measure.

Science? Is this really what has weight? The understanding of men?

The Supreme and Ultimate Reality is The Greatest.

There is no science without The Supreme and Ultimate Reality.

the truest science takes into account the tool that is being used to measure.