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 What is the Best Disney Theme Park in the World? (3)

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What is the Best Disney Theme Park in the World?

On July 17th Disneyland Celebrates its 60th anniversary.


There are currently 6 Disney-licensed theme parks in the world, with the most recent one, in Shangai, still under construction. (Other Walt Disney Parks are currently located in California, Florida, Tokyo, France and Hong Kong). Disney theme parks is a multibillion industry that attracts more than 150 million guests annually.


Are there people, who have visited all the parks in the five different locations?


Which one did you like best?



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I have only been to the one located in Anaheim - Disneyland. The last time I visited there was back in 1986 and an adult admission to Disneyland was about $30.00 that I thought back then was outrageous. I will admit that once you enter Disneyland and pass by Sleeping Beauty's castle, something magical happens and your inner child takes over and any sadness goes away. You will see plenty of adults on those rides going back to their childhood. Beautiful! I love Disneyland!

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I've been to Disney in Florida, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. Florida is by far the largest with the most options as far as lodging, attractions, etc. However, Hong Kong Disney had some really good shows and lots of unique gift shops with Chinese culture. Tokyo Disney has two parks, DisneySea was geared a lot more towards older children and adults; faster rides, roller coasters. Tokyo also had a pretty spectacular light show on the castle and lightup night parade. They all have uniqueness but Florida wins it in the end for me.

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I have been visited Tokyo two time . That was fantastic moment and feel so good .Also location is good because it is easy to get there . We well use plane and than we can ride train after that we ride train 40 minutes and walk 20 minutes than we can get Disney Theme park . I watch spectacular light show that was enjoyable as far as rain .