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 What is the best method(s) of combating global climate change? (1)

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What is the best method(s) of combating global climate change?

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There is no single method for combating climate change. To work on it we need to look into the main causes of climate change. There are 3 main causes: 1. Cattle. 2. Transport and 3. Electricity.

If you find it too difficult to go vegetarian, we should at least reduce the amount of meat consumption. Maybe have a day or 2 per week that we only eat vegetarian for example. My favourite vegetarian meal has got to be mushroom risotto. Delicious!!!

To reduce transport emissions, we should consider riding a bicycle for shorter trips. It improves health and fitness and has zero emissions. Also, we should lobby to improve public transport and look into alternative transport methods. An example is Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) also known as pod cars. I recommend a search on PRT to learn more about it.

To tackle electricity, we need a two way approach. The first approach is to reduce consumption through efficiency, e.g. Energy efficient homes and appliances. The second approach is to use a combination of renewable energy sources. One of my favourite being developed at the moment is high altitude wind power. The wind at 5km (3 Miles) is stronger and steadier, some methods propose a cable carrying a helicopter type wind generator to that altitude. For more info, I recommend a search on high altitude wind power.

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