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 What is the general opinion of Putin and Russia? (7)

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What is the general opinion of Putin and Russia?

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Putin: A clever and aggressive man, bent on restoring Russia to its former position of worldwide influence. Well able to exploit Obama's inexperience.

Russia: A clear example of Communism's fatal flaws.

flewk(1192) Clarified
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Putin is neither clever nor aggressive. He is as powerful as the tigers and bears he "wrestles". If he were actually bent on restoring Russia to its former position, he would not be issuing economic sanctions that hurt his own country. All he cares about is himself and his image. He is just growing old and clinging to nostalgia.

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I would say something but daver beat me to it.


Putin is street-smart and knows exactly what's required amid-st strong opposition,economic sanctions which his country is facing with and political and financial instability.He leads by example and is striving hard to make Russia a power to reckon with;As for Russia the country really looks potent and barbaric irrespective of the problems she is facing with.

In a nutshell,Russia is gonna compete with USA as long as it gets to have her attention

daver(1771) Clarified
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Do you believe that Putin is encountering "strong opposition"? From my perspective Europe is looking to the US to lead a strong opposition, whereas Obama has no intention of providing one. Putin 's aggression goes unchecked.

Am I not seeing something?

Amritangshu(892) Disputed
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You say so;Putin even though not from the U.S but certainly from EU is facing tough opposition ;economic sanctions,price hikes are the major obstacles;besides Obama is furtively trying to get solutions to stop "Putin Rampage" even though he doesn't show anything.

I absolutely despise both. My profile picture shows how much I want a middle finger to be shown to the disgusting, ignorant country with its cheap murderer for a leader.

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A mischievous, resentful megalomaniac gangster who heads the biggest and most dangerous Mafioso organisation in the world. He would be much bolder and significantly more dangerous only for America. He knows that President Obama is one of the most passive American presidents for years but he also knows not to push his luck with Uncle Sam too far. Europe could be annexed by Putin's Russia at any time if the United States adopted an isolationist policy.

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Russia, a country that is now embracing capitalism after the failures of leftist ideology raped the people there raw.

Putin a true patriot of Russia, who is defending his country against team obama toppling the pro Russian president of the Ukraine. So obama pretty much declared war against Russia, and Putin is slapping obama like the silly Bit$h he is