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 What is the most pointless thing to debate? (17)

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What is the most pointless thing to debate?

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Everything has a point, even if it's not obvious... Now that I think about the seemingly pointless debates like "What is the most pointless thing to debate?" or "Who will be the winner of this debate?". There are numerous points to either...

I would have to say, if someone were to have you debate something that you cannot debate at all because the work is already done for you... but on CD that's nearly impossible seeing as the question field is only like 20 characters long.

Ah, I know... debating on whether or not god exists, etc.

That has to be the most pointless per thoughts pored into it because no matter how hard you think, and no matter how hard you try to convince people, and no matter how passionately you believe, there is absolutely no way to tell... yet everyone seems to "Know".

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The debate title is set to 90 characters right now so that you can read the whole thing when you are browsing debates. We could make it longer but then some of it would overflow out of sight. Or we could let you have a short title and a long title.

Sorry to inject a feature discussion into this debate but what do you guys think?

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Ah, actually, this is something that's been bothering me. Though I mentioned the field, that's not the part that bothers me. I think that's fine and I like the length of it because it allows you to have a lot of debates on one page that you can easily read.

I don't know if there's a way to do this already, as you might already know, I haven't submitted many debates.

This is what I wish I could change, if anything:

As of now, if I go to "create", I get a selection of two different formats, which is fine, I don't know what else there could be. Then I click "Two Sided", and here I see "Title", "View 1" vs. "View 2", and a "tagline", then there are the two drop downs for "Ends" and "Cat.".

Right there, where it shows you those six requisites, I wish there was another field to drop the question in... I mean, there's a title, so where's the main field that gives the title it's purpose? I mean, the definition of title is something like "the name of a, composition, or other work", right?

As of now, you cannot have complex scenarios unless you link to them elsewhere... but in that case, unless you're linking to your own blog, the length and complexity of the scenario and also the authors bias is, well, up to the author to decide.

Oh, and another thing, the default for the "Ends" drop-down is set at "Never", which is fine, but people don't feel the need to change it, so we have these "debates" like "2 girls kissing..." here until the end of time... If I were you I would reset the default to be something more practical for most debates, I mean, give them enough time to work it out, perhaps 2-3 weeks... Also, is there a way for the general population to decide when something's ready to go? Can we sort of dictate when something is ready for archive or no?

Oh well, just some thoughts. Good luck.

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Toilet seat up or down!! Pointless because it would be 50/50 right? Wrong... everyone knows it should always be down!

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I would say the most pointless thing to debate would be what shape of kidney stone hurts the least to pee out.

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That's because you never had to pee out a kidney stone, otherwise....


Sport debates have always come at a standstill where nothing was accomplished.

"Who Will Be the Winner of This Debate"

There aren't that many pointless things to be debate, just people. Most dedicated partisans, egotistical demagogues, trolls, sociopaths, and selfish blow-hards are impossible to debate with. There is no chance of it getting anywhere, they've already made up their minds.

Anyone can twist facts, words, phrases, and logic to make themselves "right". Unless you and the other person/people are debating in good faith there is little chance of it getting anywhere.

Though, with these people you can still use them as training devices, they are a challenge (unless they are completely ignorant, then there isn't much to learn). Sharpening your skills and honing your arguments is all these sorts of people are good for; if you're looking to expand your mind and maybe convince others of your "truth" you'd better look elsewhere.

Pretty much almost everything is pointless to debate if your goal is to change more than 25% of people's minds. Otherwise a democratic entity (not government) would run smoother.

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In my opinion, this...

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Debating what the most pointless thing to debate is.

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Personal preferences (i.e. what is your favorite color?, what is your favorite number?).

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Music tastes.

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Music doesn't have a taste.

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