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What is the way?

Share you views on what the way is.
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Hello T:

Superman said it was "Truth, justice, and the American way".. I believe him. He IS Superman..


The whey is protein, soy protein sucks..............................

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Soy protein is not up my alley, that's for sure.


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Working together for the betterment of ALL is the way. Partisanship gets U.S, NOWHERE!

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☜☆☞love is the way ☜☆☞

To perfect morality, put love on it.

To perfect kindness, put love on it

To perfect relationship, put love on it

☜☆☞Love is Perfect☜☆☞

$Behold, our God is Love.$

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The Supreme and Ultimate Reality, The One I confess to be God Almighty is The Way.

FactMachine(427) Clarified
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Can God put de protein in yu moosels? ye moosels cant get no protons just from prayin' to the lurd. The supreme and ultimate reality is that your belief in God has never supplied you with a single tangible beneficial outcome as a result of your supremely convoluted conclusions about "The Supreme and Ultimate Reality." Which is just a fancy way of saying "The baseless assertion that God exists"

TzarPepe(798) Clarified
2 points

You do not have the knowledge to claim whether or not my belief in God has given me a single tangible beneficial outcome.

Whether it has or not, Godliness with contentment is gain, and those who take gain as godliness are wicked.

To say, "The Supreme and Ultimate Reality" exists is not a baseless assertion. Do you have no understanding?