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What is white privilege?

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It's a thing

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It's a narrative of the left used to diminish white people and excuse blacks for their real or perceived lack of progress.

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It is 100 percent distilled bullshit. Any questions????????

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Amarel(4700) Clarified
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It’s not bullshit. If I were at a KKK rally, I would have certain privileges that a black person wouldn’t. If I were at a BLM rally, black people would have certain privileges that I wouldn’t. The problem with the term is that it drops all context to pretend that this is a nation a systematic racism on behalf of white people, a contention for which there is no proof when context is included.

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Grugore(721) Clarified
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I was referring to the white privilege claim. Not the OP.

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SpiritOfWank(49) Clarified
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The thing is that in America black people are still largely stuck in circumstances that are the result of their history of oppression. So regardless of whether they are currently being systematically oppressed on a deliberate level, they are still structurally oppressed by the structure of capitalism. There is a reason that white people are almost always the ones with fat stacks of paper, and it's not because they are just inherently better than everyone else. It's because of inheritance, and because they get to grow up in the nice neighborhoods while the black people have inherited dust for generations and are still stuck in the poverty stricken dung holes we confined them to back when the mainstream view was that they are subhuman. White privilege means that on average, white people are better off than black people from the moment they are born, not necessarily because racism is still inherent in America's social order, but because the circumstances which have been brought about by the history of racism have not been rectified. When a group of people are stripped of their identity and forced into slavery, then suddenly "freed" only to spend generations being systematically oppressed as a serf class that society still considers inferior, things don't suddenly become better just because you give them the right to vote and say "ok, you can be considered people now".

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It's hard to take any sentence with the phrase "reverse racism" seriously. It's just racism. There is no reverse to it, a single minority doesn't hold the patent on it, it's just racism.

I genuinely dislike the term "white privilege" as it's tossed around so much now. I got to where I am by working my ass off and earning what I get. At one point in time white privilege was a thing, and in some areas it may still be an issue, especially with education..... but as a blanket statement to generalize any white person who has worked to get where they are through blood, sweat and tears, it's ridiculous and often used as a way to excuse lack of motivation for others.

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It's a Communist propaganda technique created and used to intentionally take down Western culture, which is its greatest bulwark/enemy.

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Hootie(357) Disputed
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It's a Communist propaganda technique

But most Communists are/were white.

You really don't think any of your insane BS through before posting it, do you?

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