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What is your attitude to early marriage in Afghanistan?

Is it normal for Afghan people?  Is it normal for non-Afghan people? Do you think that early marriage is pedophilia? 


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First, marriage means something else for "us" and something different for Afghans.

For "us" marriage is (usually) a romantic partnership between two people, in most of cases they are dating for months or years, what is the most important part is that it is voluntary for both of them and it could be terminated by any of them at any time without any real consequence.

For Afghans it is very different. Closest analogy I can think of is with buying a kettle/cow for example. You will pick one (any age) you pay and it's(she) is your property/wife. You can kill it, rape it, whatever you want.

So your question should be something like: ""What is your attitude to buying pre pubertal sex slaves?""

Then my answer would be: It is disgusting and it should not be tolerated.

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