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 What is your favorite bible verse? (12)

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What is your favorite bible verse?

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Lunch 12:30 ;)

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Hello j:

Same as Trumps. Two Corinthians..


NomsGoat(10) Disputed
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What be the 2 Corinthians? Is it the one that says you are not a Jew? Did Moses say you could be a Jew?

excon(6690) Disputed
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Did Moses say you could be a Jew?

Hello science denier:

Nahhh.. My DNA says I AM a Jew. I've shown you that actual result done by actual scientists.. But, you HATE Jews so much that you'll make up a story about the owner of the DNA company being a Jew, so OF COURSE, he's LYING and CHEATING..

Come on let me show you again.. It has such beautiful music - you know JEWISH music..

By the way.. We agree, of course, that DNA cannot test for religion.. It tests for ETHNICITY/RACE.. Why are you afraid to admit that Jews are a race?? Oh, you'll NEVER answer.. You'll just drone on and on and even on some more about me NOT being Jewish.. I guess science just isn't your thing..