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What is your opinion on AngryJoeShow?

So AngryJoeShow is a Youtuber channel ( and has his own website (which hold all of his videos) (

So, basically what AngryJoe is, is an internet videogame reviewer (mostly games on the PC and Xbox). If a game is *good*, he intelligently says what's good and what's flawed. But if he reviews a terrible game (which I'm going to put a video up of one), then he rages to shit and rips the game apart.

So, your opinion?

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I've watched a couple of his videos, they're pretty good :) I prefer zero punctuation though lol

Zero punctuation - Dead space 2
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Yeah, I've seen a few of Yahtzee's reviews, and I just can't enjoy them. For one, that guy talks WAY to fucking fast, and it's extremely difficult to understand what he's saying. And, he complete shit on Pokemon White, which was an AMAZING game.

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Hey, can you check your messages? ;'(

I respect Joe. He can find compromise with his viewers because he has the skills. But it often bothers me when he complains about linear game play. Older games used to have linear story, but the games were challenging. And he is decent. - The best thing about him, he's a metalhead!

meh hes alright :/ I'd much rather watch Jontron, AVGN, or Balrog