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 What is your opinion on Obama's Czars? (3)

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What is your opinion on Obama's Czars?

Is having so many of them a good idea or is Obama abusing his power?

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Van Jones just resigned, so I don't think as poorly of them as I originally did.

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Ok, so first far from left as you can get. Just to let you know before I get lubed and stuffed. I believe that the title "czar" is what it is. A title. Sounds scary though right? Don't be. It just means that the person with the label is of high authority of the given subject. It's like calling your supervisor at work a Czar. Sounds like they want to bring the iron fist down on you with that kind of title. At the end of the day though.....they're just a supervisor. If your trying to relate to the origins of the title czar, well.....wrong government. Let's take a look at why the title "czar" just sounds so scary. Here's the definition.


1. an emperor or king.

2. (often initial capital letter) the former emperor of Russia.

3. an autocratic ruler or leader.

4. any person exercising great authority or power in a particular field: a czar of industry.

ok, so scratch 1. We're not a Monarchy.

scratch 2. obvious reasons

scratch 3. Democracy......remember?

Oh here we go.....4. Now this looks more like what we use the term "czar" for.

Bottom line. It sounds scary because of the way it's been used in the past. In our case, we use it as a metaphor. Sorry. It is what it is. A title.

His "czars" are just his advisors and his Presidential predecessors had their "czars," too.