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 What music gets to you? (10)

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What music gets to you?

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Whitney Houston songs because no one sounds like Her or close to her. Her voice opens you and it gives you chills because of the power and emotion that she puts into it.

Different music, I'm 17 and I don't listen to the music my mates listen to at all.

I like when it has rhythm and is relaxing to listen to.

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Country... I could rip the ears off a armadillo every time I hear it!

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No kidding man! I can't stand country music.

Gets to me, is a wide range of things.

This can move me to tears on the right day.

Country music can move me to shoot myself.

Every now and then I find a good dubstep cover that causes me to want to practice harder.

When I spar with my associates, I like some rap. something like that, I know it's ridiculous but it's kind of funny, and his flow is pretty phenomenal.

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This has brought me close to tears because of the depressing mood and voice he has. It's quite emotional (I think anyway)

Foreign Fields - Names And Races
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My psychedelic side likes stuff like Crystal Castles and Animal Collective.

When I'm depressed I really like Marilyn Manson or various kinds of metal, usually death or thrash.

And when i'm down to feel groovy Infected Mushroom is where it's at.

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This is what inspires me to be a better guitarist.

John Butler- Ocean

Trance music puts me in my own little corner of the world. This music really communicates to me.

Fast Christian songs.... Yeah, that sounds like it................................