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It IS nuts - and SCARY too Trump can do no wrong
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What's nuts, is Trumps 5 top security advisors saying ONE thing, and Trump saying ANOTHER

It IS nuts - and SCARY too

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Trump can do no wrong

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I'll tell you what's NUTS! It's what Putin is squeezing! :-)

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Here's where I'll ask for proof, Al provides none, we both part ways, Al then brings it up again, rinse, wash, repeat. Eh Al?

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How much proof do you NEED? Putin walks on the stage with a smirk that lasts the whole news conference. Trump walks up looking like a whipped puppy and refuses to say anything against Putin's illegal election interference other than: "I don't know why he would." He doesn't inform his security secretaries about what went on other than "I can tell you this." We had a very nice meeting … then Putin starts talking about "their agreements" that our country knows nothing about! It'll take a lot of rinsing before THAT comes out in the wash!

He has already, beforehand, torn apart our European alliance, spread distrust and worry about whether thy can count on U.S. for help! Right down Putin's playbook!

Repeat? HELL NO! I HOPE not!

Again! He's got him by the NUTS! :-(

Side: It IS nuts - and SCARY too

Ignoring the economy, jobs, the market, unemployment, etc etc like the plague at all costs, eh con?

We both know his advisors were talking about Russian interferance, and Trump is talking about the collusion that has no proof, isn't a crime anyway, and all leads point to Clinton.

That redacted 82 page FISA warrant is the first thing to shut Schiff up. We both know those marked out names are his. So does Devin Nunes. Probably why when Nunes asked Trump to declassify that memo, the Democrats scattered like roaches.

Supporting Evidence: Nunes declassify FISA warrant (
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