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 What's wrong with football and mixed martial arts? (8)

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What's wrong with football and mixed martial arts?

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When will they ever learn? Talking points do not profound insight make. They just parrot what they've heard will no understanding of what they're saying.

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Hahahaha. Good one.

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Actors are pretty full of themselves ;)

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Hollyweird at this point in time are nothing more than useful idiots to continue the destruction of the Progressive Party ! Keep talking Merry Stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nothing is wrong with them.

But if instead this were an acceptance speech by a football player or MMA fighter and in their speech they dissed Hollywood and the entertainment industry then

a) you wouldn't be tremendously surprised, and

b) you wouldn't be tremendously impressed, and

c) you'd probably still hold the same opinion you did before about the person who was interviewed as well as whatever it was they criticized, and

d) you have a media famous President, you're going to have to get used to other people saying critical things about them. If you didn't want a PR battle then you shouldn't have elected someone who's life revolves around ratings.

outlaw60(10065) Disputed
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Nice Rant but does Hollyweird need to attack Americans ? Wonder why you Progressives got beat you can thank people like those in Hollyweird !!!!!!!!!

Grenache(6094) Disputed
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It'a funny how I can carefully number my arguments and cover a lot of ground with few words and you label that as a "rant" but then outlaw/fromwithin/saint can ramble for 5 long paragraphs and it's not.

And Hollywood has been commenting on politics for a century. Where have you been? Your Reagan came from there.