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What's your favorite food?

My favorite food is hot pot.

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Raw veal liver. .

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VeganHippo(7) Disputed
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That's disgusting. .

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Peanut butter and pickle sandwich.............................................

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When my kids pretend to have an ice cream shop at the park I always ask for frog ice cream.

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It's so hard to decide...hmmm...

Kale mango chia flax banana blueberry celery spirulina smoothies.

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Lol, I have a lot of favorite foods but I have to say I like watermelon or seaweed the best

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Watermelons are good for cleansing your system and providing you with antioxidants. Seaweed has lots of iodine. Good choices.

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Thanks, I really enjoy seaweed the most though, I've heard it's good for your hair.

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