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 What's your opinion on the Evil Dead reboot/sequel? (2)

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What's your opinion on the Evil Dead reboot/sequel?

So, last night, for Halloween, I watched new horrror films: Evil Dead ( which was fucking awesome, imo), and I wanna know if other people have seen it and whether I they liked it or not. What's probably the coolest thing about the film is that it's actually in actually in the same universe of the original Evil Dead movies, and they're planning to have a narrative where Ash and Mia team up. I'm a GIANT fan of the original movies, so I'm psyched for that shit. So, what's Cd's opinion of it?

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I watched the Addams Family for Halloween lol.

Oh, and I've never seen any of the Evil Dead movies.

Its okay, for what it was I give it a B-, but nothing can top the originals with Bruce Campbell though