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What team is better: Barcelona or Real Madrid?


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Real Madrid

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You've got to distrust an entity which labels itself as "Real". That's like all those NYC restaurants that claim they're the first or best or whatever. Yeah, right, and there's literally dozens of different ones making the same claim.

Hey, there's only one Barcelona.

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ProLogos(2798) Disputed
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Real means "Royal" in Spanish... Which is the intended meaning.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Grenache(6104) Disputed
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You mean like RC Cola (Royal Crown Cola)? I remember that from growing up in the Midwest. What a cheap crappy cola. They're better off meaning "real", as in this is The Real Famous Ray's Pizza.

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SlapShot(2607) Disputed
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Soccer is for royal maricones!

Look that up in your Spanish dictionary...

Maricones Real!


Real hombres play hockey.

The coolest roughest fastest sexuest sport on the planet.


Speaking of which....have you gotten yours yet?


How's your mom's sore throat?

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I don't really think a reason is necessary to love Barcelona...u just simply do..becoz they play much more better than Madrid...FCB is making there one amazing history...Real madrid won't be anywhere in comparison then..😘

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I pick.............

The Detroit Redwings!!!!

Hockey rules!

Soccer is for girls. And sissy boys.

I love it when they bounce that ball off their head. That's real cool.


Or when you watch ninety fucking minutes of a match and it ends in a 0-0 tie.

Very exciting.

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Bassically I like the style of real madrid. The attacking style is so fast. Actually I love the counter attack.

Again Barcelona plays so slowly than real madrid and it's so boaring to me.

That's why i think real madrid is better team.

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Real Madrid is a better team than Barcelona because of their championships for the last 2-3 years. They have players like Cristiano Ronaldo and I think he is way better than Barcelona's players, especially Messi. His dribbling skills, speed, shooting technique and physics are amazing. His help to Real Madrid makes the team better. Also they won UEFA Champions League 2 times in the past 2 years so they are way ahead than Barcelona, which won their last Champions League trophy 3 years ago. Even before that year, Real Madrid won the trophy.

Supporting Evidence: UEFA Champions League winners (
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real .

Barcelona is one of the best team but they are depend on Messi . if he leave Barcelona then they well be good team also i roughly considered Barcelona is not contender team .

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