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 What would be your Trump tipping point? (19)

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What would be your Trump tipping point?

(And this can be fun for all whether you're for or against him).  What would it take for you to abandon all support for him?  Examples if you're a conservative for him: if he flipped Democrat, or atheist, or pro-choice?  Examples if you're a liberal against him: closing down free press, starting a nuclear war, ruining your healthcare.  What is your tipping point, or are you already past it?
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I already think he should be impeached. But I'm calm about it. I understand that can't happen until either the Republicans turn on him or they lose their majority in the House.

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The heat is on Donald Trump and he might well be impeached on ground of collusion with the Russians to acquire enough electoral votes to gain the White House. The special council is getting closer to the Oval Office.

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Uh huh. CNN has been telling you this for a year. They also told you he had no chance of winning...

marcusmoon(586) Disputed
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I still have not heard or read of any particular statute that violates. (Maybe there is one, but all the discussion I have heard indicates there is not.) Until a statute is identified, I don't see that they can get close enough to matter.

If being favored by a foreign power over an opposing candidate, or being a target of opposition media and political players were a crime, EVERY president would be impeached.

Name a statute and we can have a more useful discussion.

Amarel(4987) Clarified
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That’s right. Impeachment is at least as much a political process as it is a legal one.

marcusmoon(586) Clarified
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What statute do you think he violated? Without that, impeachment is hard to swing, as is removal from office afterward.

Grenache(6103) Clarified
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Some combination of these... 18/part-I/chapter-115

And I'm not saying it's a slam dunk case. Like most people I don't really have enough information to know what the chances are. BUT, I will say that many lesser people get nailed for these things with less of a smoking gun than the Trump team appears to have.

My tipping point would be if he had a Benghazi debacle that got CIA agents killed and then blamed it on a tape that didn't exist, bombed Libya unprovoked, attempted to oust 4 foreign leaders, sent Iran billions of dollars secretly on a plane, created a vacuum that manifested ISIS, bragged about being good at killing people with drones, wire tapped American citizens illegally, covered up an FBI investigation on the Tarmac, didn't know his own birthday and age, bombed Libya into oblivion unprovoked, allowed Russia to invade Syria and help Assad, skyrocketed the debt to $20 trillion, and invented a healthcare bill that penalizes people for not getting it and caused premiums to skyrocket. Yep, that would about do it. If he did that, it'd be sooooo awful. If he did all of that, obviously he should be impeached for being an idiot.

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I assume you are speaking in regards to Mr. Obama Bronto?

1 point did you know Imperium? Obama did all that? Hmmmmm.....

AlofRI(2814) Disputed
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Why don't you write a book on that Bront?? Fiction, of course, based on far right wing and Putinesque internet propaganda. We had a conservative Congress AND Senate .... if there had been ANY actual fact to those made up assertions he would have been impeached, at the very least! He (they), weren't even CLOSE to that because He was "Presidential", careful, and honest.

What we have NOW is anything BUT! (And it is sooooooo awful!) CLOSE to being impeached for being a "F*ing MORON!" (Somebody else's words, not mine.)

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How'd you know who I was talking about? I never said names...

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Uh huh. Tell me which one is false, so I can provide you links to liberal sites.

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Ha ha. OK. Give him about a week. He just might deliver all that, only more biggly. .................................

marcusmoon(586) Clarified
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He just might deliver all that, only more biggly.

Not biggly or even bigly. What he is actually saying is big league.

Truthfully, I was crushed to realize that he was not actually making an adverb out of big.

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If I were an American conservative, I would be aggravated more so if he remains unable to get major reforms into motion over healthcare and taxes.

The tipping point for me would be if Trump started acting like Democrats and ignored his promises before the elections.

So far he is standing by his word more so than any president in my lifetime. VERY REFRESHING.

If the exstablishment republicans start standing by what they said, and go along with the Conservative Repubicans, Trump will go down as the greatest President in our lifetimes.

Newsflash, Liberals already ruined our healthcare. trump's trying to save it.

Cuaroc(8826) Clarified
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Trump will go down as the greatest President in our lifetimes.

Please share whatever you're smoking.

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If he started to act like a president honestly.

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If he started to act like a president honestly.

Yeah. One of the few things I actually like about him is that he is actually similar to the American populace.

Greg Gutfeld characterized him as being "like your 71-year-old dad, yelling at the TV." (quote is inexact.)

Normally Americans elect presidents who are nothing like us, but whom we hold up as idealizations of what we think a president "ought to be." As a result, we get elite dillholes who don't represent us at all.

I think that despite being a billionaire, Trump is more like us than the elite dipshits who never had normal American jobs, but rather spent their lives in government, politics, entertainment, or academia.

Unlike any other president in the twentieth century, he is actually representative of the American people in attitude and demeanor .

--He speaks plainly, without fancy rhetoric.

--He just spouts off about crap that pisses him off, without worrying about whether it offends people or is consistent with other things he says.

--He is not an ideologue, but is instead a pragmatist.

--He is not an elite intellectual.

--Despite being aligned with one party, he does not act as an apologist for every single thing "his" party says or does as if it can do no wrong.

--He is disgusted by how Congress plays politics instead of finding solutions.

--He doesn't think or say what people tell him he should think or say.

--He actually behaves in accordance with the knowledge that most of America is outside the Beltway (outside of DC), so he does not cater to the interests and effete sensibilities of DC insiders.

He is imperfect in the same sorts of ways the rest of us are.