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 When is the world going to stop pandering to these idiots? (10)

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When is the world going to stop pandering to these idiots?

PC correctness gone wild
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Stories like these are subversive propaganda used to paint muslims as reactionary, irrational, and bitchy.

The only quote in the article as a reference doesn't even come from someone who was offended. FTA: "My concern was that it's not welcomed by all communities, with the dog on the cards," said Dundee councilor Mohammed Asif, according to the report.

Doesn't sound like he or anyone else is shocked or outraged.

Stories like this are trash.

edit: lmao as soon as I read it I thought "sounds like something from the dailymail (known right-wing newspaper)" and when I looked back at the article again, I saw that it is from the daily mail! lolol

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Yes, indeed, when are they?

"Dunkin’ Donuts has pulled an online advertisement featuring Rachael Ray after complaints that a fringed black-and-white scarf that the celebrity chef wore in the ad offers symbolic support for Muslim extremism and terrorism."

Funny you would decry things happening in another country but didn't seem to mind this happening in our own.

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That is completely ridiculous, as is the "Muslim scarf" predicament.

I think I am in the same boat on this as Joe, it does piss me off.

I think it's because I cannot believe what people around the world are bitching about. SCARVES AND PUPPIES... OMFG, having a puppy on an advert in Scotland makes Fox News.

Just this morning while I was in the shower, I thought "Humanity is constantly defining itself, and I am helping define humanity... and everyone else is like, acting like a bunch of drunken muppets" and now here, after that whole line of thought I'm reading about how people worry that puppies and scarves will be seen by other people in a negative way...

Eugh, I want to choke someone. Why aren't we doing things that we are supposed to be doing? Why is this news? Just when I started to think that I was done with existential angst here it is again.



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The "source" quoted in the article is the Daily Mail, which from what I understand is the British version of the National Enquirer.

Yet another example of the highly credible, unbiased journalism coming out of FOX News.

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Ah, well, that makes everything a lot easier to deal with.

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When you say "these idiots" I hope you are referring to people who should stay out of other people's business and not muslims.

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I Goggled, "Muslims offended by puppy" and I got the following link:

So I guess there's a lot of truth in the story.

Here are some quotes:

... some Muslims in the Dundee area have reportedly been upset by the image because they consider dogs to be "ritually unclean", while shopkeepers have refused to display the advert.

... some Islamic scholars believe that dogs are impure and therefore 'haraam' - or forbidden - except for use in hunting or farming, and that it is not hygienic to keep a dog in the house.

They say that the "impurity of dogs is the greatest of animal impurities", and anyone who touches one must wash the body part that has come into contact with the animal seven times.

The problem is that:

1. It's a picture of a dog. They wont be touching a "real" dog by touching the postcard.

2. The picture was not meant to offend.

3. Scotland is not a Muslim country. If they don't like the local culture they should go to a country whose culture is more to their liking.

When is the world going to stop pandering to stupid Muslims that chose to live in a non-Muslim country and then are easily offended by their host culture when the host culture behaves normally?

NOTE: I am referring to a very narrow sub-group of the Muslim community that chose to live in non-Muslim countries and feel that the host country should change its behavior in order to accommodate them.

Where is it written that everyone is entitled to not be offended? What are the negative effects of political correctness on freedom of speech? Which is more important, freedom of speech or not offending someone?

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I don't know why I got so angry that I decided to post this at the risk of getting busted by my employer's internet access police.

Hey wait..., that's a fox news article....

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Watch this video on Political Correctness. It explains a lot.

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That is ridiculous. I'm so fed up with how every single thing offends some "diverse" group or another that nobody can do anything anymore without pissing someone off.

If they don't like the police dog postcard then throw it out. Otherwise, quit your b*tchin!

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