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That isn't free It's more expensive
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When libs say it's free that means you'll be taxed into oblivion

When libs say free, it means you'll pay more for less.

That isn't free

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It's more expensive

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YOU ARE CORRECT! I wish some would stop using that FREE word! What they should be saying is MORE AFFORDABLE! That's what everyone wants, not FREE. THAT can be DONE! We just have to get the tax money from the 60 corporations that PAY NONE, and close the loopholes WE, the PEOPLE, don't HAVE!

It would HELP if Trump payed HIS, he already said he's too smart too, and maybe cut back a bit on his $M golf outings? He's not taking a salary, he's "taking" America!

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outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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ROAD ISLAND AL says this without any facts -We just have to get the tax money from the 60 corporations that PAY NONE

DUMMY where is the list of the FALSE CLAIM you have made ????????????????????

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outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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I cannot believe that ROAD ISLAND AL is still in distress that HILLARY was a piss poor CANDIDATE if she wasn't then AL'S party would not have thrown HER under the bus for the LYING NIGGER who was a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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AlofRI(2822) Clarified
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The "false claim" I made has been all over the internet, the news media (likely not FAUX News, though ;-), I don't see how ANYBODY that watches ANYTHING BUT right wing lies, could have missed it. Of course, REALLY STUPID people only see what they want to see! I'd give you a link but that would be like giving a butcher a rubber knife … he wouldn't even TRY to use it! :-)

As far as Hillary is concerned, it's YOU who keeps bringing her up. I was reading the other day (You should try it sometime). A man named H.H. Munro said: "He is one of those people who would be enormously improved by death." I couldn't help thinking of YOU …. I hate white supremacists, racists, bigots, especially when they, unexplainably call themselves "Christian". Being the LOWEST form of human being (and I use the term loosely …. VERY loosely :-), You are FAR below any, as YOU called him, "LYING NIGGER" that ever lived! You should try to elevate yourself to the level of those black and brown and yellow and red people who try to improve themselves every day! I don't think I've ever seen a ladder that is long enough though. You have a nice day in hell. Please, stay out of Rhode Island … we're trying to clean the place up! Providence is a "sanctuary city", we may be having visitors. :-)

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FromWithin(7732) Disputed
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Stop being such a low end puppet to these idiot Democrats who have been playing the same tax the Rich toon for many many decades!

Use your brain and understand there is not enough money from Rich people to even come close to paying for all this free stuff.


The Democrat Party helps one group of people in this nation, and it's the able bodied dead beats who refuse to work. The GOP has no problem helping those who can't help themselves.

Why did College tuition's SKYROCKET when the Government got involved with low cost student loans?


This is always the result of Government intervention into the private market.

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AlofRI(2822) Clarified
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What happened to Trumps YUGE employment level … EVERYONE is working, even blacks and Hispanic employment level are "the best in history!" The "able-bodied deadbeats" are WORKING! I'm SURE Herr Gropenfuhrer would say it's because HE "created" so many jobs! THAT infers that there weren't jobs FOR them before. ;-)

College tuitions "skyrocketed" because the capitalists running and supporting them want to "get rich quicker" like all the rest of the capitalists! Yep, they're too greedy to accept "low cost students" for the good of the country (or, its people that can't afford an education, otherwise). HOW DARE THEY! We'll just charge those that CAN pay, MORE! (And rip off "our" government more for those they send.) Why should we give those "able-bodied deadbeats an education!" Because you like to have able-bodied deadbeats …. to beat??

The "private market" OWNES our government, mostly (at least the RIGHT side of it), at this time. That's why the deficit is going SO high SO fast.

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