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 When will "P" be added to the Left's LGBTQ alphabet? Pedophiles say they are born that way (6)

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When will "P" be added to the Left's LGBTQ alphabet? Pedophiles say they are born that way

Since the Left has a new alphabet starting with LBGTQ... where will it end?

Decades ago, the Democrat Party sat down behind closed doors, and hatched their new master plan to win elections... IDENTITY POLITICS!

They had a decision to make... standing strong with our natural family structure built around a man and woman and the natural design of our bodies, or embracing and cheer leading unnatural abnormal sexual orientations.

We all know what they chose. They decided to pit one American against the next and segregate Americans into Special interest groups. Their goal was to make these groups of people believe they were hated by the Republican Party. 
If you think this fixation with LGBT activists has much to do with discrimination and equal rights, you are very mistaken and have swallowed what the biased Liberal media has fed you.

Gays long ago were given partner rights, hospital visits, job protection, etc. etc.

This new LGBT... alphabet was like a goldmine of potential new votes for Democrats... Lesbians, Bisexuals, Gays, Transgender, etc., etc., the possibilities endless.

At this point I'm not sure if the Left has found a new low, including "P" for Pedophiles into this new alphabet. I know they are deeply involved with Pedophile rights.

Pedophiles also say they are born that way, so under the Left's logic, their unnatural desires for children should not be treated as unnatural, unless acted upon. Gays have attraction for other men, while Pedophiles have desires for children. Both desires are unnatural, and the latter is illegal.
Pedophilia being illegal has no bearing on the point of this debate. Pedophiles believe they were born that way, so therefore under Left wing logic, their unnatural attractions towards children should be understood and accepted regardless if they can't act upon their desires..

Since then, identity politics has moved on to Transgender men playing in women's sports, etc.

The list goes on and on.

Deceptive people on the Left always spew the same rhetoric of how they do not care what people do as long as no one is harmed or affected by these LGBT activist demands.

Well lets see, I think it is very harmful for Left wing activists taking Churches to court to force them to allow Gay Sunday school teachers. The Christian faith teaches that Homosexuality is a sin.

I think it is very harmful to force a private Christian owned family business to cater things that go against their faith, such as Gay wedding receptions, etc.

I think it is very harmful when the Democrat controlled House push a Bill to force schools to allow so called Transgender boys and men into girl's sport, effectively ruining every record ever achieved by women! These Democrats say they care about women?

I think it is harmful to our daughter's when Democrats are trying to force every public school to allow so called Transgender boys into our daughter's bathrooms!

I don't know about you, but I will vote for the Politician who see's me as an American! A politician who will treat me as important as any other American in this nation. He will not see me as votes for his opponents, not calling me a Conservative racist and Homophobe to sway votes.

Identity politics goes against everything America once stood for. I have no problem with Gays who do not try and force us to embrace their unnatural sexual orientations as being natural and normal.
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So if Homosexuality is considered a natural and normal sexual orientation, why not Pedophilia?

If Pedophiles do not act on their unnatural desires, why not respect them as well?

I of course do not support this. I'm simply trying to make the point that claiming to be born a certain way does not make it natural or normal.

When will "P" be added to the Left's new alphabet?

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In today's loony left society I feel it's only a matter of time before some senior progressive politician such as Justin Trudeau begins the process of public brainwashing followed by laws legalizing this abhorrent condition.

Once this step had been achieved the aforementioned fool, along with many other like minded progressives are libel to instigate legislation making any criticism of these revolting freaks a hate crime.

As you point out their argument would be that the condition of these bizarre queers is inborn and they need to be accepted into society and normal people.

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The assertion that those suffering from one or all of the LGBTQ disorders is acceptable because they were born that way is no argument at all.

A % of homicides are committed by the criminally insane who were born with with a predisposition to murder just as the LGBTQ abnormal sexual orientation is a congenital mental disorder.

Many career criminals have an innate penchant towards lawlessness, so, does that exonerate them?

Paedophilia is an inherent characteristic of paedophiles, so is that grounds for legalizing their abuse of children?

The deviant/peculiar sexual orientation of the LGBTQ brigade is inborn, so does that mean that their condition accepted as normal?

I don't even buy the notion that they are born that way. I'm only using the Left's argument to make the point that even if they are born that way, it does not mean we must all embrace it. It does not make it natural or normal.

Stop trying to force us all to embrace things that are not natural.

Cocopops(345) Clarified
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As long as some Justin Trudeau type progressive politician doesn't succeed in having a law passed making LGBTQ compulsory I think I can tolerate the antics of the deviant mutants.

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It already has. One time on Facebook, I stated openly how disgusting pedophiles are, and the leftists attacked me. It is the far left who perpetuates rape culture, not centrists, and conservatives.

Probably they will not out "P" in their new PC alphabet until the slippery slope of depravity allows them to do so.

As you say, it is already starting to happen.

So as they add unnatural sexual orientations to their alphabet what do you think will be next?

"N" for Necrophilia... (sex with dead people), but Democrats would probably look at that as losing half the votes. Dead people don't vote!

"B" for Bestiality... (sex with animals), but still they would only garner half the votes.